Benefits of running

1. Helping to win the battle against overweight

Many people start running regularly to remove excess weight . Whether you are overweight or just want to burn the last 4-5 pounds of fat , or just want to maintain your current weight , about 60 % of people start to control your weight . Running is one of the most suitable physical activities for fat loss . In fact , except for skiing , running burns the most calories per minute than any other cardio exercises.

2 . Prevents loss of muscle and bone mass

Our muscles are constructed so as to meet the stresses to which we subject them to . As you sit in front of the monitor all day, your bones grow weaker, but by running regularly our skeleton gets what it needs to be healthy . Besides helping us to maintain good health of the inside of the body has been shown that running increases growth hormone , which is a major factor in building muscle mass and body as a whole.

3 . It helps us to fight diseases

Running reduces the risk of stroke, and breast cancer. Regular practice it is considered a treatment option for many doctors who recommend it to their patients who are at high risk of osteoporosis , diabetes and hypertension. Running reduces the risk of heart attack by strengthening the heart and lowering blood pressure. It maintains the elasticity of the arteries in a very good way , as in running , they expand and contract almost three times more than usual.

4 . Maintain and improve overall health

Running is one of the best activities that people can practice to improve your health . This increases the level of the “good ” cholesterol and reducing the risk of blood clot formation , and furthermore encourages the use of 50% of the capacity of the lungs, which normally is not used completely . Running strengthens the immune system by creating a greater concentration of lymphocytes ( white blood cells that attack disease )

5 . Confidence

Running builds confidence and self-esteem as few other individual sports can . It helps the individual to cope with the trials of life much easier and feel more sure of yourself . Running provides a sense of power and freedom , as you begin to feel my legs and body as powerful, capable. Confidence is rising even more in those who lose weight .

6 . Helps to reduce stress

This is another huge benefit of running. It gives you the time you need to think about the problems of life , or to escape from them, and the tension in you gradually decline. Distances are ideal for eliminating headaches caused by everyday problems . What could be better than a few hours running out in which to clear your mind and find solutions? Running speed is great about bringing the aggression and anger. Put all your energy in several sprint and you’ll feel better.

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