Wine Festival in Bordeaux, France

During the wine festival on the banks of the Garonne , in the port of Bordeaux have hundreds tasting pavilion where you can enjoy the wonderful wines of Bordeaux. Join 350,000 wine lovers in the heart of this growing region .


The official opening of the celebrations with a parade disclosed in ceremonial robes. There are many events that are organized throughout the festival , but one of the most fun feast Bacchus – a huge picnic table placed along the banks of the Garonne . Bring your food or try the local specialties offered on site.

Visitors can taste every day one of the many vintage wines in the region, or vzenat participate in short seminars. Addition to your glass can be subtle blue cheese, foie gras and other interesting dishes.

Tips for sleep

Sleep is very important to maintain body weight , regulating hormones and recovery after workouts. When you sleep , the muscles are at rest, the blood pressure falls to a rest on the heart and cardiovascular system. People who have trouble maintaining normal sleep may experience lower testosterone levels and become a little more resistant to insulin. Achieve restful sleep , such as:

TAKE Foods rich in tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid contained in all animal and vegetable proteins . Combining foods rich in tryptophan with carbohydrates causes insulin move amino acids to the muscles. When tryptophan enters the brain produces serotonin is released so calming effect.

Little secrets that make traveling big deal


Demand for museums, shops , cafes, streets , squares , places with views and other like only makes us more and more to look forward to the day with a capital ” D ,” which will run away .

Books and movies

Another seemingly trifle – movies and books in a place for which this place becomes another. Watch Destin d’Amelie Poulain and ” Midnight in Paris ” and then go to Paris again. Well?

Tightening luggage

What exactly shorts to take to the beach ? Which hat I want to walk the streets of Paris? This year, if I’m not with red gloves while skiing ? Preparation makes us very clearly to imagine that we have where we will be .


Traveling with friends (children , relatives ) ? Prepare them little surprises for the road. For example, the fortune . Or their assigned tasks : by the end of the journey must shoot three red bus. Find a seller who speaks Bulgarian of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (well, it’s not so difficult) .

Tasty food

Find a local specialty , expressing admiration for the waiter and begged for the recipe . The food is better than any fridge magnet (hence why bring recipe instead souvenir already discussed ) , so return with bags of local spices and a list of products.


Remember traveling stuffed panda and true Tipu ? You will shoot , it’s clear , but if you get a favorite character , which is also about to shoot but interesting pictures , you will have and how memories are unsettling the crowd to set the stuffed animal and it shoot to the Coliseum .

Bora Bora French Polynesia

Bora Bora island is possibly the single most famous island in all the world. The legends, mysteries, and romance associated with the words “Bora Bora” bring an almost mystical presence to the island.

It’s true Bora Bora is indeed a wonderful place to vacation… but this magical presence is not so unattainable.

This website seperates the facts from the fiction regarding this wonderful Tahiti Polynesian island paradise: Tourism aspects, activities, practicalities, culture, and all the things you’ll want to know when planning a trip to Bora Bora. We propose to the would be traveler that the Island of Bora Bora is quite real and attainable as a vacation getaway.

This girl is sitting on a motu…Part of the allure has to be its almost unbelievable beauty. Two towering peaks of sheer black rock dominate the center of the island and make an impressive backdrop to an assortment of blue waters that will dazzle the eyes.

Bora Bora’s lagoon is its most treasured feature, and allows the traveler many opportunities to experience it in a variety of ways. Windsurf, jetski, scuba dive, snorkel, swim, bask in its warmth… the list goes on.

Bora bora is truly an experience worth having. A wonderfully relaxing place to be as well as a great island for you to experience, your Bora Bora vacation will never be forgotten.




25 interesting facts about Thailand

Thailand is a country with beautiful nature , charming beaches, amazing culture, commendable hospitality , fantastic temples, real culinary treasure, and this is what more …


Thailand is often called the ” Land of Smiles ” because very kind , polite and always smiling Thais .

2 .
According to the World Meteorological Organization Bangkok is the hottest capital city in the world.


3 .
One of the main sources of income for the country come from the export of orchids – about $ 250 million annually.

4 .
Thailand is greater as a territory of the United Kingdom , Iceland, Belgium and Austria combined.

5 .
Queen of Thailand – Sirikit is among the most beautiful women in the world in the 20th century.

Thailand glavna

6 .
Thailand is a country of ancient culture. UNESCO are – Ayutthaya , Sukhothai , Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng, Ban Chiang and forestry complex Pong Phayayen-Khao Yai.

7 .
Between 1970 and 1996, the Thai economy is the fastest growing economy in the world.


8 .
Thai boxing is the national sport in Thailand.

Residents of Thailand 63 million , 95 % of them are Buddhists.


10 .
Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. King Bhumibol Adulyadej This ( King Rama IX) is the longest reigning monarch in the history not only of the country but for the whole world . He ascended the throne in 1946.

11 .
According to archaeologists , the oldest and well-developed Bronze Age civilization existed in what is now Thailand before 5000-10000 years.

Spoken Thai comes from Vietnam and China, and there is written from 1283 and is based in Sanskrit and Hindi. Thai are very words of Khmer .


Thailand is the largest rice exporter in the world.

The largest production of pineapples harvested in Thailand.

15 .
By 1949 the country was called Siam when officially renamed Thailand ( ” Thai ” Thai means ” freedom” ) , literally Land of Liberty.

In Thailand Past Indians , Mongols and Rouge , participated in the creation of the unique culture of the country.

Thailand managed to keep the culture and cultural monuments, because it is the only country in South Asia that was never colonized .

Thailand is known as the Land of the White Elephant . White elephants are highly respected as a symbol of peace and prosperity.

In Thailand it is considered disrespectful to touch someone on the head as Thais believe that the soul (which is sacred ) lives in the head.

The full name of Bangkok is the longest in the world, try to pronounce it : “KrungThepMahaNakhonAmonRattanakosin
AwatanSathitSakkathattiyWitsanuKamprasit ”

The largest Chinatown in the world is this in Bangkok.

Contrary to widespread belief , prostitution is illegal in Thailand .

Kilometer from Co. Tao is Koh Nang Yuan , the only island in the world , created by three separate islands linked together through deposits.

The ancient city Muang Boran, south of Bangkok topped the charts for the largest outdoor museums in the world .

Family in Thailand is very important , as individual families live closed . Children are educated in respect to their parents and observing the rules of the hierarchy , according to which the mother and father are on top.

Swimming: great exercise for body and soul

The benefits of swimming are really and most of them are well known. However, many of us stay away from urban pools and prefer to rely on another type of sports to keep your body fit. Maybe we need a gentle reminder for some of the biggest benefits of this easy and inexpensive sport. So, what are the 8th largest of its advantages.

1. Improves body balance

Problems with balance include: dizziness , unsteadiness , dizziness, staggering gait instability . Disturbances of balance may be due to various reasons and diseases , but if it is something serious , then your sport is definitely swimming. In the water you can not get sick unless you suffer from an ear infection . Just in case , if you love to dive – use earplugs.

2 . Chase the pain of joints

One of the main advantages of swimming is that it is an aggressive sport. This is due to the fact that when there is no tension on the swimming bone, joint or tendon , as the body weight in the water decreases significantly. Swimming spares the joints and is especially useful for people who suffer from back pain or arthritis. Regular visits to the pool can prevent pain or remove them if you already have them .

3 . Keeps the heart healthy

Swimming is an excellent cardio sport. It causes no heartbeat and regulates blood pressure . Studies show that it helps to relieve high blood pressure and may even prevent hypertension, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

4 . Improves the condition of the whole body

Swimming is a great workout for the whole body. Makes the body more flexible and generally tones all muscle groups. This sport is perfect and more complete people.

5 . You can swim all year round

Winter in urban indoor pools , outdoor summer at sea, in the river, lake or pool . Generally, wherever you want – the possibilities are many and are perennial .

6 . Cheap sport

Swimming is often cheaper and from the gym , and aerobics – Best populyartnite urban sports. Even if you are on a limited budget , you can find a pool with more affordable prices.

7 . Acting anti stress

Swimming helps in good emotional condition, reduce stress and tension. This sport is very relaxing , as it regulates breathing , rhythmic is , and the sound of water has a soothing effect .

8 . You can swim in the company of his family

In the gym you can not bring their young children, they will skuachayat and will hinder , but in the pool you can safely do so. This option is to learn to swim , but if you already can , you can play sports and have fun together.

Recipes for Healthy Breakfast

What to eat for breakfast – the most important meal of the day .

Complete breakfast is just necessary if you want to be active and energetic in the first half of the day , and the prerequisite for the rest of it. The problem with breakfast really is mostly just an excuse – we do not have time for neya or not we can make the right choice.

Unfortunately our breakfast often consists of either too greasy products ( fried eggs , sausages , salami , cheese ) or sweet dishes simple sugars (milk with various supplements , sandwiches , sweet porridge ) which blunts hunger for a while, but not contain protein and complex carbohydrates to fuel the body with energy for a long time.

Here are some recipes for snacks that are both suitable for the start of the day , on the other hand do not require much time.

Oatmeal, strawberries and almonds
You can add a little cinnamon and honey. If you prefer milk , skimmed choose . This snack is rich in protein , fiber and healthy fats . The taste is not very time consuming .

Tofu omelette
Add to it the onion , pepper and other vegetables , a little soy sauce and spices and saute in olive oil . You can afford and 1-2 toast bread .

Fresh berries, yogurt, beans
This is analogous to the so popular lately yoghurt with different additives. Since it usually contains a lot of sugar , which is totally unnecessary in the morning , you can sweeten it with different fruits.

Grapefruit, whole wheat bread or crackers with almond butter
Almond oil is more useful than a peanut .

Salad of fresh fruits
Cut apples , watermelon , berries , oranges , pears, bananas, grapes , etc. To spice use lemon juice or yogurt .

Protein shakes
Actually, this is a dairy cocktail with fruit. In the mixture , you can add oats , seeds or beans.

Eggs with vegetables
Cook eggs in olive oil and add them to the vegetables: peppers, onions, broccoli, etc..