Little secrets that make traveling big deal


Demand for museums, shops , cafes, streets , squares , places with views and other like only makes us more and more to look forward to the day with a capital ” D ,” which will run away .

Books and movies

Another seemingly trifle – movies and books in a place for which this place becomes another. Watch Destin d’Amelie Poulain and ” Midnight in Paris ” and then go to Paris again. Well?

Tightening luggage

What exactly shorts to take to the beach ? Which hat I want to walk the streets of Paris? This year, if I’m not with red gloves while skiing ? Preparation makes us very clearly to imagine that we have where we will be .


Traveling with friends (children , relatives ) ? Prepare them little surprises for the road. For example, the fortune . Or their assigned tasks : by the end of the journey must shoot three red bus. Find a seller who speaks Bulgarian of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (well, it’s not so difficult) .

Tasty food

Find a local specialty , expressing admiration for the waiter and begged for the recipe . The food is better than any fridge magnet (hence why bring recipe instead souvenir already discussed ) , so return with bags of local spices and a list of products.


Remember traveling stuffed panda and true Tipu ? You will shoot , it’s clear , but if you get a favorite character , which is also about to shoot but interesting pictures , you will have and how memories are unsettling the crowd to set the stuffed animal and it shoot to the Coliseum .

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