Recipes for Healthy Breakfast

What to eat for breakfast – the most important meal of the day .

Complete breakfast is just necessary if you want to be active and energetic in the first half of the day , and the prerequisite for the rest of it. The problem with breakfast really is mostly just an excuse – we do not have time for neya or not we can make the right choice.

Unfortunately our breakfast often consists of either too greasy products ( fried eggs , sausages , salami , cheese ) or sweet dishes simple sugars (milk with various supplements , sandwiches , sweet porridge ) which blunts hunger for a while, but not contain protein and complex carbohydrates to fuel the body with energy for a long time.

Here are some recipes for snacks that are both suitable for the start of the day , on the other hand do not require much time.

Oatmeal, strawberries and almonds
You can add a little cinnamon and honey. If you prefer milk , skimmed choose . This snack is rich in protein , fiber and healthy fats . The taste is not very time consuming .

Tofu omelette
Add to it the onion , pepper and other vegetables , a little soy sauce and spices and saute in olive oil . You can afford and 1-2 toast bread .

Fresh berries, yogurt, beans
This is analogous to the so popular lately yoghurt with different additives. Since it usually contains a lot of sugar , which is totally unnecessary in the morning , you can sweeten it with different fruits.

Grapefruit, whole wheat bread or crackers with almond butter
Almond oil is more useful than a peanut .

Salad of fresh fruits
Cut apples , watermelon , berries , oranges , pears, bananas, grapes , etc. To spice use lemon juice or yogurt .

Protein shakes
Actually, this is a dairy cocktail with fruit. In the mixture , you can add oats , seeds or beans.

Eggs with vegetables
Cook eggs in olive oil and add them to the vegetables: peppers, onions, broccoli, etc..

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