Cycling is a workout for the whole body

Of all the exercises that can help you to lose excess fat , cycling is one of the coolest . We have a pretty solid explanation of why this is so and now it will not save :

The benefits of cycling


Cycling is one of easiest aerobics exercises because of its diversity and the opportunity for flexible pace.

Does not require weights , so keep joints, muscles and ligaments .

Burn a lot of calories – a man about 80 kg. , At an average pace of riding burn 500 calories per hour.

You have a strong social impact , especially if friends or family.

You can practice it outside and inside.

Trained heart and lungs , the leg muscles and the muscles in the upper body .

Relatively safe is just for all ages.

Can be combined with many other workouts.

It’s getting safer to practice in urban environments.

Improves your cardio fitness and gives you more energy.

Avoid lifestyle that leads to heart disease , high blood pressure and diabetes.

You can spend time with your loved ones without missing the workout.

You can meet new people .

Explore new places and enjoy nature.

What you need to start?


Helmet .

Enthusiasm 🙂

Some tips for absolute beginners :

Start out slow at short distances. Gradually increase both.

If you are alone in nature, always tell someone where you are going .

If you are in town – watch out for pedestrians , use lights decline earlier , beware of cars (the latter tend to be terrible ) .

Vary your route every day.

When buying a bike , choose carefully the size . When should straddle the frame between the top part and crotch you have at least three fingers off .

Drink water frequently .



Of all the weight loss exercises , no one that have a good balance between efficiency and diversity. Now you know why we love it so .

 Your turn is fun and be cultural way . Smart cyclists are .

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