‘La Tomatina’ in Spain

Nearly 20,000 people took part in the traditional tomato fight in the Spanish city Bunyol. For the holiday known as Tomatina, six trucks were provided with 130 tons of ripe tomatoes inform NTV. Upon completion of the tomato battle, the streets are washed thoroughly fire trucks. The annual festival attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Because of the recession, however, city hall to introduce pavi time fee. To be included in the tomato battle had to pay 10 euros. City residents are exempt from the fee.


According to Mayor Fernando Giraldosa, the cost of these one hundred tons of tomatoes are € 28,000 (around 53 cents kg bd) and the total for the festival exceeded 90,000. However – said the mayor – in the city is not a loss, but rather benefited from the influx of tourists.

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