Silence is .. Music in yoga

I do not know how you ‘re used , but there are people who always practice yoga music (in fact, do almost everything with musical ) in which there is nothing wrong , in fact .

Vector illustration of yoga listening his heart

The truth is that properly selected playlist has the potential to contribute to a successful and full implementation of the session , improve concentration practice and to deepen and develop his positive feelings during the occupation .Of course, when it comes to yoga, in any case it is not advisable speakers to ” blow ” if you know what I mean. It is recommended that the music is quiet and relaxing , allowing the mind to accept it and use it the right way , not to distract him .


However, if you have music ” yogini ” However , it is good from time to time to stay quiet . At least advise colleagues specialized magazine “Yoga Journal”. According to the same practice in silence is useful because it helps individuals to hear and observe the “natural ” sounds of their environment , and to hear the story of their inner voice , which can be muted by the pieces of your favorite band.

Otherwise , remove the headphones sometimes – it will not harm you!

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