Ten things fast food industry does not want you to know

-These are not very known facts about your favorite fast food restaurants can make you think next time you order:
 -McDonald’s reported the highest sales growth in the crisis year 2008, more than in 2006 or 2007, opening almost 600 new restaurants this year.  
“>The circuit is able to take advantage of the recession by offering cheap food.
-User to Reddit, who says he is a former employee of the chain McDonald’s, says that once left on the counter Chicken Nugget longer and they “melt-through”.  
“>Which does not prevent Nugget to be “still delicious,” he says.

-Fast food companies get huge profits at the expense of low pay of its employees. A report by the National Employment Law Project 60% of low-paid workers in the U.S. work for large corporations and 90% of these corporations have made a profit last year.  
-And 40% of low-wage workers working in fast food chains.
-Most fast food chains clean everything, including trays and nozzles machines for beverages superkontsentrirani chemicals at the end of the day.  

-If you are one of the first customers of the morning, there is a greater danger residues of chemicals end up in food or drink you.
-Traces of grill that you see are not real. “>Fast food chains are very precise in their ads, so the food there looks much more juicy and delicious than it actually is.

-Sad secret of chili that is made from outdated meat for burgers.
-If you want to eat healthy, you should forget even salads.  
-In some of McDonald’s salads have as many calories as a Big Mac.
-In McDonalds beef for a burger is fully cooked for 38 seconds and a quarter chicken for 70 seconds.  

-High temperatures accelerate the process of cooking up this amazing speed, but at the cost of very, very fat. 
 -A huge number of employees in fast food chains still believe in the myth of the 10 seconds, according to which if food falls and be lifted from the floor in less than ten seconds, it remains fully suitable for eating.
Most calorie food chain in the world served Outback Steakhouse. “>Potatoes with cheese chain contains 2900 calories and the simple fried onions – 2310.

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