Alcohol and physical fitness

Why all tips present good physical shape to avoid alcohol?

Like everything else , and alcohol when he was only occasionally and in small amounts will not erase your efforts in the gym . Overall though , if you want to be healthy and in good shape , it is best to avoid most . Here is why.

The main problem of alcohol is that its consumption do not bring anything useful , no need for your good shape nutrients.

On the contrary – brings you some unpleasant things .

Ethanol is toxic metabolite – acetaldehyde and acetate. They are responsible for the nausea , leading to excessive consumption of alcohol .

In addition, regular use of alcohol interferes with your good digestion so your body harder you processed the necessary amino acids, vitamins , etc. With regular use , alcohol interferes with protein synthesis. And , as you know , protein is very important when you exercise and you try to look good .

There are studies showing that the intake of 2-3 beers every day may lead to a decrease in testosterone levels .

Last but not least , alcohol is a calorie . It contains calories and sugars that can interfere with your otherwise carefully planned and healthy diet .

Alcohol also has indirect effects on your good shape. Very often after having drunk , people get hungry and come down late at least healthy and harmful things. The reason is not only starve yourself , but cloud your judgment resulting from the consumption of alcohol.

And yet – moderation is possible.

To not completely demonize any use of alcohol must still say that if you manage to moderate in its consumption , this should not prevent you earn tiles for the summer. It is important that consumption is only occasionally and in small quantities.

Not to mention that there are also studies showing that alcohol can even be useful – perhaps you’ve heard that some scientists claim that a glass of red wine has a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

What probably never heard of , is that beer can have beneficial properties – has studies showing that beer consumption may improve the immune response and reduce the levels of harmful C- reactive protein , which are associated with heart problems .

The implication is clear – alcohol is harmful in large quantities. It damages the digestive health of your liver and balance your diet. However, if you take it from time to time and meanwhile eating well and exercising, should not have a problem to keep in good physical shape .

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