How they live in the coldest city in the world

Yakutsk in Siberia.

A population of 270 000 people. Temperatures here drop to -42 degrees in the winter. Tomorrow – Sunday ( January 26th) the forecast is minimum temperature of -48 degrees and maximum degrees to reach around noon are -39 degrees Celsius. The record for the lowest temperature measured here is -63.8 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, in the city often falls very dense fog, limiting visibility . However, 270,000 people live here and go to work every day. Yakutsk is a major port city, here is mine and the gold and precious stones. Produced gas and oil. Most houses are raised on a platform because when I finally spring comes and the snow and ice begin to melt to form a giant mud in the streets and rivers flowing from it. During the warm months of the year can not be crossed and the Lena River . In winter it freezes and goes quiet , but no bridge . Summer anyway short.






17 thoughts on “How they live in the coldest city in the world”

  1. Recently, here in Maine, we had an ice storm followed by -40 F weather. It was actually frightening! But now it’s more like 40F. Wild. I live here because I love the hard, straightforward character of the people. I guess we have to be curt to survive cold like that. Warm and fuzzy would just freeze in the air and drop to the ground!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Personally, I also live in a cold country in winter, but that’s why we wanted to introduce this lifestyle to other people of the world!Regards! 🙂

  2. I admire you both for coping with such extreme weather. Here, in Vancouver, Canada, my outdoor plants complain if there is frost. But, we may get your share of rain.

  3. Very difficult to imagine here in Lagos, with our tropical weather. Our coldest months hardly ever go below 16C. It would be a wonderful experience to visit that place. And I would do so before long, God willing. Can you tell me more, like the social life and agriculture. I mean what do you eat – your local stuff?

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