Herring, to stay healthy in the winter

We love winter and eagerly waiting for the first snow when everything outside will look like a white story .

This is the season of warm cozy fireplaces , skis , sleds and ice rinks . But to be able to fully enjoy all this should strengthen your body to fight colds and flu.

One of the best foods that is herring .

100 g herring contains half of our daily needs for vitamin D.


It is of utmost importance , especially in the colder months when sunlight is limited and our body can only produce enough vitamin D.

It is desirable to Eat more often this delicious fish, because among other things, it stimulates the digestive system. You can produce it in the oven or steamed . And to keep its most useful features , use pans Trio Pen Set divisible .

The flesh of herring and receive large amounts of iodine , fluorine , potassium, phosphorus, protein and lesnousvoyaemi essential fats rich in omega -3 .

All these ingredients will strengthen our immune system and help us to deal more easily with winter ailments , so as to truly enjoy this season.

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