5 tricks for good mood

The mood is like a mirror of our body. If we are full of energy , positive emotions are stronger , and the worst mood equals fatigue plus stress. However, it can also be defeated if you follow the advice of the best experts , beginning with a smile …

Robert Peyer , associate professor of psychology at California State University , it is difficult to improve mood . Because volatility ( fluctuation ) in our self-esteem and mood are closely related to internal biological factors. They follow the rhythmic fluctuations in body temperature and sleep – wake cycle .

According Teyer mood can be summed up in four energy levels :
1. Intense fatigue. This is the worst mood equal fatigue plus stress.
2 . Relaxed fatigue, ie fatigue without stress , such as at bedtime .
3 . Tense energy when we become a working machine with increased stress, but inefficient .
4 . Relaxed energy when it is not connected with tension and optimal productive, and our attention is focused .

Almost all people when they feel tense tiredness, wrong and wrong even reach for food , especially french fries, sweets and chocolate. Much more efficient and useful to resort to the exercise. They can change the mood and even preventively to avoid it.

1. Move!
Sufficient even just 10 minutes walk with quick steps amid greenery. This helps a lot more than a piece of chocolate . Through movement increases the internal energy and lasts 1-2 hours , until the consumption of chocolate results in a higher voltage in one hour.

2 . Follow nature
Our agenda should be in sync with the biological clock . Morning immediately after waking up , our energy is low, even when sleep was restorative . After that, it has a peak between 11 and 13 hours. Then again fall between 15 and 17 hours, and the new rise between 18 and 19 hours. It should at the lowest point , of about 22 hours . When the internal energy decreases may occur anxiety and tension . Then our problems are less visible , and the world – gray. It is better to know your own pace to transfer the most difficult tasks of increased energy , while its reduction to move .

3 . Look out
Introspection is an important factor. Themselves to establish the role of food, drinks, coffee, cola : morning , noon and night. Each has its own answer, and they are important to control mood .

4 . Listen to music !
Let’s not forget that music is one of the highest spiritual manifestations. After the movement , it is the most efficient. Unfortunately , however, underestimate or neglect . The music has the ability to increase energy and stamina mood . Its nature is not so important : can be opera , jazz, rock or cheerful aria . The important thing is we like . Music increases the production of norepinephrine in the brain and is therefore ” balm ” for the soul and mind, Wolfgang Mozart was one of the detente composers. Not surprisingly, it was called ” smiley ” . When we listen to joyful music as if looking through rose-colored glasses , and when she is sad , the world is dark and gray.

5 . Sleep
Nap can be very useful and effective. But few use it properly. It should not last more than 10 to 30 minutes. Otherwise worsen and may even interfere with night sleep.


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