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Fitness Formula Gender

Formula gender

Men want more mass , and women – are weaker – they say fitness experts quoted “Reuters ” .

Hormonal and structural differences between male and female bodies define the various needs and goals in the gym .

In men as healthy heart is particularly important because the whole heart problems occur in men at a young age. For this purpose, it is better to do cardio activities with low load such as cycling and swimming.

Women , in turn, have often bone problems , especially over 40 years of age as well from a young age to focus on aerobic exercise hard enough as running, step aerobics and jumping rope.

It is also important for everyone to practice in a way that makes him feel good . In men as flexibility naturally declines with age , which means that exercises that require flexibility (eg yoga or Pilates ) are not as suitable for men as there are for women. Men are more suitable for more intense workouts , running long distances , etc.

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