Рersimmon – Fruit of the Gods

Fruit of the Gods

If you bite into a piece of fruit, which resembles a strange orange tomato and your lips tingle and his mouth bitter taste, you feel just like the early settlers in North America who have tried to chew unripe fruit of the persimmon.

Then the Europeans decided it was unfit for consumption, while local tribes do not say “orange tomato” should be left to the first ice. The settlers thought that freezing weather will improve the taste of stiptsaviya fruit, but the Indians really like to tell them that they should be left on the tree until the first frost.

Autumn in Kerrouet 2010 043

During the ripening fruit has astringent taste, due to the high tannin content. Upon reaching full maturity, however, disappears completely tannin and flavor and texture reminiscent of persimmon apricot.

Bighorn persimmon had grapes and radically different from the familiar orange fruit today. Home of cultivated persimmon, also called the “food of the gods” is western Japan and China.

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