6 ways to eat less

Where did those few pounds more, if refuse to go away? If you ask that question, we are here to help you with the answer.

Movement and training are required to maintain good shape, but there are some dietary changes that you can do to get rid faster than annoying mass that hide your otherwise perfect tile. With these 6 tricks to get your brain into thinking you’re eating more than actually eating some, and so it will be easier to get rid of excess weight.

1. First – fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water, air and fiber that give a feeling of satiety. E.g. apples are actually 25% air until the milled , they produce hormones GLP- 1 , which sends signals of satiety to the brain.

To make the best use of these properties of fruits and vegetables is best to eat them before eating. This will achieve a feeling of satiety sooner and you will not have to compensate by eating more calorie then .

What we can try is either an apple or a light salad before the main meal.


2. More protein

Protein is more filling than other food groups – carbohydrates and fats . According to experts , if 20-30% of the substances you are taking are proteins that will significantly increase your sense of fullness and thus reduce the amount of food you eat.

The reason that the proteins are less filling , is that they induce the production of the hormone PYY in the brain. This hormone is associated with the feeling of satiety. Additionally, a sense of full stomach and allows the release of glucose in the small intestine , which is also a result of consumption of proteins.

This is the reason most often the main dish in a meal is protein .


3. Less dry food

To achieve the same level of satiety , you have to eat four times the amount of chips or similar dry and high calorie snacks than boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. The same amount of food made ​​of soup, improve more than the same amount , served dry .

4. But attention with drinks

Although the liquid and mushy foods increase satiety , this does not apply to beverages. The signals they send are much lower , which means that it is possible to receive a lot of calories in beverages without feel fuller .

The reason is that the beverages do not need chewing and is processed by the body more quickly and with a cost of less energy.

This is a big problem – the last 20 years the amount of calories you take in beverages has increased more than three times. Sweet drinks quickly give a feeling of satiety , because increased levels of glucose in the blood, but this feeling did not last long .

5. Eating no TV and no company

Studies show that eating up to 70% more when there is something that distracts us from the food – for example TV. Eat more when we are with friends or family – and then again about 70 % more. Experts say : eat yourself to eat less.


6. Slow Food

Do not hurry and chew thoroughly – thus facilitating the production of hormones that send signals of satiety to the brain.

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