Eat more when we’re with friends

It is proved that take more calories when eating with friends than with strangers when you go hungry .

This relationship has been shown before, but the latest study , which reveals it is brand new. It covered American teens.

It turned out that eating plenty of young people when they are with friends, and especially when those friends are overweight. And the largest was the caloric intake of the groups in which all participants were overweight .


Similar studies have shown these dependencies and adults. The reason to eat less in the company of strangers is that before them feel more worried about how we look , says Professor Sarah – Jeanne Salvy from New York University . She explains that friends act as a kind of permission – circle of friends sets the standards by which the individual account . They include the amount of food .

Another study even showed that for 30 years people are more likely to put on weight if their friends of the same sex are overweight . This is in favor of the theory of the social significance of body weight.

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