Hidden salt in semi-finished products

The world we live in is full of convenience foods. Instant soups , instant whatnot advertised as easy and delicious . These things save us time and effort , but what is the price?

Prefabricated e.g. soups have a high salt content , which is associated with a number of health problems. The maximum recommended levels of intake salt thereof per day is 6 g depending on the type of soup salt content therein may be two- thirds or even 50% of this amount . A truly needed our values ​​are even less than 6 grams.

When salt is bad , we can not limit the amount you take, only to stop solim food. This is because much of our food already contains salt. These ” hidden” amounts often help to exceed your recommended values ​​, especially if you eat just finished and unfinished food .

Why large amounts of salt are harmful to health?

Because they are associated with high blood pressure , and hence to heart disease and increased risk of stroke and infarction . Very recent studies even suggest that a higher amount of the salt may be a factor in the development of stomach cancer.

What to do?

The least we can read product labels to see how many grams of salt contain , hoping that this information is available . Better yet is self -catering as possible more often instead of buying prepared meals . True, it requires more time , but the goal is worth – our health.

Also, we can reduce the salting of food. If you are accustomed to eating salty, it will be difficult , but only at first, until we get used . Ultimately salting is just a habit to us to change it so that it does not harm us .

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