Monsanto in Portugal

 This time I’ll take you in a special tour deep in the village. This isn’t a common village, like other village. But this is a stone village, namely Monsanto. Monsanto is an authentic Portuguese village built between gigantic stones. We can see many houses squeezed between gigantic boulders and stunning views. Its appearance hasn’t changed from time to time, with tiny streets carved from the rock. The location of this village is in Southeast of Serra da Estrela (Portugal), perched on the side of a mountain. Many people called this as stone houses.

Monsanto is a small village, having a significant population in Roman times. In the twelfth century, D. Afonso Henriques donated the population, conquered from the Moors, the Order of the Templars. Probably there is already a fortified settlement in prehistoric times, as identified in the vicinity materials of Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age.

The land of rare beauty as the symbol of the gigantic boulders and manpower play the lead role. “Holy Mountain” is the bulwark of charismatic Erges border, so the Monsanto people brave to say that “Monsanto who conquers and conquers the world.” In the past of the legends and stories related to invasions and attacks on the population.





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