Milk – useful or not?

 There are various opinions about milk, mostly in the two extremes – that it is extremely harmful and that there is nothing more beneficial than it. Which one is the truth?

Does milk help you gain muscle?

Generally , yes. Milk is one of the best food for this purpose. The protein in it is about 20% and 80% casein . Both ingredients are high quality proteins. The whey is known as a ” fast protein ” because it disintegrates quickly into amino acids , which are absorbed into the blood. Therefore, this protein is ideal for post-workout .


Casein is processed even slower , so it is suitable for supplying the body with a continuous supply of protein in small portions for a long time. (For example between meals or overnight . )

Is milk helpful for digestion of fat ?

There is no conclusive evidence . Although,there is evidence that dairy products (but not dietary calcium ) taken during the diet help weight-loss , but you can not rely on it . If you add to a glass of milk in the morning serving donuts , there is hardly any effect.

Is there a link between milk and the effects of antibiotics?

There are scientists who say that if you drink milk from a cow, which was given antibiotics , you developed resistance to the milk and stop his work. However, that is no proof.

Whole or skim milk?

This is a matter of taste. Not necessarily whole milk is more harmful than low fat . Some studies show that whole milk improves cholesterol even more. According to British scientists ,one and the other milk reduce the risk of both stroke and heart attack .


If you are on a diet , low fat milk is a better option, but if you work out and your goal is to accumulate muscles you should stop the whole one .

In short, most things are spoken about, the dangers of milk have not been scientifically proven. However, do not forget the golden rule of beneficial meal – your food should be varied , it is not good to overdo it with different food. The more diverse the menu, the better your body will feel.

4 thoughts on “Milk – useful or not?”

  1. The ADA says we need several glasses of pasteurized, homogenized ilk every day. Others say goat’s milk is the best. The milk you purchase from the store has many missing nutrients that the body needs in order to repair itself or heal. The whole molecular structure is changed.
    Clean cow and goat milk are some of the most complete health giving foods on earth. Clean raw milk from pastured cows is a complete and properly balanced food. Raw milk contains all 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids are building blocks for the every cell in your body.
    Approx. 2/3 of the fat in milk is saturated. These fats in milk play a key role for energy storage, hormonal output, and construction of cell membranes. Great for your metabolism. Minerals are very high along with many trace to reduce cancer, great bone density, lowers risk of kidney stones, reduces dental cavities to name a few.
    Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to 161 degrees for 15 minutes. This kills bacteria good and bad.
    The design of raw milk has perfect caloric content, amino acid concentrations, and enzyme concentrations. Lipase and lactase are ideally concentrated to meet all the developing infant’s needs better than any formula.
    Homogenization breaks down and blends fat globules in milk. Homogenization has shown to trigger immune reactions and cause damage to blood vessel walls. Plaque formation in a persons arteries are on the rise.
    Milk allergies can come in forms of fatigue, hyperactivity, headaches, agitation, muscle aches, chronic ear infections, skin rashes, brain fog, heart irregularities to name a few. Eliminate all dairy for 2 weeks but prefer one month in your child……get good clean raw milk from a certified dairy farmer……and slowly reintroduce the milk and see what happens.
    If you cannot get good clean raw milk where you live….then purchase Organic milk or use almond or rice milk in its place.

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