Cinnamon for better health

Yes, delicious cinnamon may be useful to our body

Cinnamon as a spice is derived from the bark of the tree, which in 2 years is being peeled and then dried until a fine parchment is formed. Wound on rolls,it is commercially sold and crushed to a fine powder. Home of the cinnamon tree are the humid tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Ceylon cinnamon is found in Sri Lanka, India, Miami, mandarin is grown in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Cinnamon had been introduced to Europe in 1505 when the Portuguese arrived in Ceylon and learnt how to produce it . Cinnamon tree is actually a family of Laurel . It reaches a height of 18 m. The bark is light brown . The flowers are pale yellow and form a kind of clusters . Secret yield of cinnamon had been guarded carefully by traders . Therefore, its price had been too high. Portuguese had learnt also how to produce aromatic plant. Each tseylonets over the age of 12 had to deliver annually 18 kg cinnamon bark , as the figure increases annually . Meanwhile, Amsterdam is being buried in mountains of cinnamon when prices fall . The first plantations of cinnamon appeared in VIII century in the tropics and subtropics of Asia. Today it is being cultivated in Africa, South America and Australia.


Positive health effects

It has anti-oxidant effect.When being consumed n small quantities ,cinnamon oil stimulates blood circulation and nutrition of the cells of aging skin , improves blood flow to the hair roots, strengthens teeth . The aroma of cinnamon improves digestion . Curative effects of cinnamon in the diet are especially useful for :

 hypothermia ;
 colds ;
diseases of the joints ;
spine ;
strengthens the immune system;
helps to overcome fatigue ;
with depression;
weakness ;
has a preventive role against disease;
helps to lower blood sugar , which is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

Side Effects

In some people occurs  an increase in appetite. Pregnant women should be especially careful with the use of cinnamon in high doses as it acts as a uterine stimulant,but it is safe when used moderately. Oil should be avoided entirely.


Cinnamon and sports nutrition

Adding a coffee spoon of cinnamon to desserts can prevent the rise in blood sugar levels after meals.

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