Honey – Nectar of Immortality

The ancient Greeks worshiped it highly, according to them honey made mythology gods immortal. Honey is a miracle tool that not only tastes good, but it is also really health beneficial.

The ancient physician Hippocrates had known the benefits of the honey, such as its ability to remove heat or to help heal skin wounds. From the physico-chemical point of view, honey comprises up to 80% of sugar, including sucrose and fructose, and about 20% water.


 The miraculous

It is scientifically proven that honey heals wounds. Biochemical studies have shown that nearly 60 types of bacteria , including some extremely dangerous as Staphylococcus aureus , can be overcome by the honey. Bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, are destroyed by compresses copper . In many hospitals , for example , dressings made ​​with copper for patients with decubitus – wounds resulting from bedsores .

Scientists believe that the antimicrobial activity of honey is due to the enzymes produced by the bees . Its properties will remaine intact only if the honey is not subjected to heat treatment. The high sugar content in honey leads to the fact that it derived from bacteria vital to their existence. Another important component is the hydrogen peroxide which has a lethal effect on the microorganisms.


The combination of milk and honey is recommended for sore throats. The presence of flavonoids in honey does help in the fight against viruses. Nowadays, researches are done to prove the anti-cancer effect of honey. Acetylcholine is another useful ingredient in honey, which has a positive effect on heart rhythm disorders, and the narrowing of blood vessels and high blood pressure. However, honey should not be heated above 40 degrees, because it loses its healing abilities. 

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      1. I’ll have to research my family history to find out who was the last of the bee keepers on my dad’s side. I believe I have a cousin on my mom’s side who currently is a bee keeper 🙂

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