Healthy eating habits

1. Mastication

One of the biggest mistakes that people make the most these days is due to hectic lifestyles that lead to eating hurriedly and chew little. Because there is no time for lunch, we stuff ourselves with something in our mouth for five minutes, it is almost swollen  whole. The result – indigestion .

Long and carefully chewed  food helps for good digestion , prevents gas, bloating and heartburn.

When you swallow food quickly and in big bites , its degradation is much more difficult. When food is chewed well , the surface which is exposed to the action of digestive enzymes in the saliva is greater , and thus the degradation is complete .

Eating more slowly increases the pleasure of taste of food. The more time and attention you paid to the meal , the more fully you will feel all the flavor of the individual ingredients.

How much chewing is enough?

Depends on the food, but experts say about 25 chewing bites or until food is almost liquefied in your mouth.


2 . Slow Food

Rapid absorption of lunch saves time but is injurious to health – it worsens digestion and makes you want to eat more.

This has been proven by scientists from the University of Rhode Island. They conducted a study with two groups of people , each participant was given a large plate of spaghetti . One group was told to eat quickly , they consumed the average 646 calories in nine minutes . The others were told to eat slowly and they took 579 calories in 29 minutes or 67 calories less than the first group.

VIDEO: Sensual yoga

Furthermore harmonious and blissful yoga practice can be very gentle, romantic and even sexy. The following video presents just this side of yoga. Enjoy the professionalism of the participants, and seriously consider whether you should not try!

Enjoy watching!

Тhanks Hagar Tsabar, for the video!

Reichsburg Castle, Mosel Valley, Germany

In the most romantic part of the Moselle Valley, where the river curves between two hiking paradises – Eifel and Hunsrück – lies the old town of Cochem. Even the Romans sang the praises of this remarkable landscape. It is true – a few things have changed since then, but the attraction has remained because the past centuries – above all the Middle Ages – have left their marks here.

The magnificent Reichsburg, the big castle, situated on a precipitous rock high above the town, dominates the landscape. The many delicate pointed towers, battlements and oriels give the impression of a typical fairy tale castle, particularly as it is one of the few castles in Germany, which was rebuilt in its original style after its complete destruction. As impressive as the castle itself is the view of the Moselle Valley with its beautiful forests, meadows, fields and vineyards, as well as the old part of the town.


The town of Cochem itself is a sight worth seeing, not only because of its narrow streets and twisty alleys, the lovingly restored half timbered houses with the typical slate roofs, the historical market-place, but also because of its medieval town gates, churches and walls. The wine-growers and restaurant owners would also like to take the time to introduce you to the variety of their excellent Riesling wines.

You can enjoy another facet of the town walking along the Mosel promenade which is decorated with flowers and where many benches invite you to a quiet break. A further attraction is a river tour on one of the Moselle boats, either during the day or at night with music and dancing, when the lights of the castle and the town are reflected in the water. Have fun and relax in the only indoor swimming pool with artificial waves in this area. It is a wonderfully situated leisure centre between meadows and vine-yards and offers all the luxury of a modern swimming pool in fine and bad weather.