5 unexpected benefits of sport

1. Memory Improvement

6-month study at the University of British Columbia , Canada, shows that older women who regularly perform aerobic exercise have a much better memory than their contemporaries who do not exercise. The results were obtained by comparison of the ability to store and reproduce the words and events in the two treatment groups. Training regimen – twice a week walking 40 minutes while maintaining 70-80 % of the target heart rate for the age group.

Furthermore , in other studies, it was shown that sport can partially compensate for the cognitive decline due to long-standing high intake of fat.

2 . Reinforce the impact of vaccines

Investigation of the Iowa State University has shown that sport increases efficiency of influenza vaccines . 90 minutes of jogging or cycling twice a week doubled the levels of antibodies against the virus two months after administration of the vaccine as compared with control group. Scientists offer two possible mechanisms explaining this impressive discovery – strengthening of immunity or help spreading the vaccine outside the application site. It is entirely possible also that dependence is true for other vaccines.


3 . Improving self

A study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, shows that children practiced before the test , have better concentration and self-control during the test . Scientists say this is due to the increased blood flow Crum frontal lobe , which is involved in the thinking and planning of targeted actions.

4 . Reduces the risk of psoriasis

Psoriasis – autoimmune inflammation of the skin occurs at a frequency of 1:40, more often in women . Doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston , USA, show that about two hours of vigorous exercise a week cut the risk of psoriasis by 30%. The bad news – the exercises have to be really energetic, so here walking is not an option .

And one perhaps not so unexpected benefit of the sport:

5 . Exercise brings us more candles on the cake

Undoubtedly , the best news for all lovers of active life – 15 minutes of light aerobic work day prolong life an average of three years. Data from the National Health Research Institute of Taiwan, who studied more than 400 000 people before you reach this very important conclusion. The researchers reported an average 10 % less cancer and 20% less cardiovascular disease in its active participants, compared with their peers sedentary .

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