Popcorn – healthy or harmful?

Popcorn is not only delicious – it can also be useful.

It can be used for low-calorie and diet snacks between meals for the day, but must be chosen carefully : most sold prepared or packaged microwave popcorn contain large amounts of fat and salt that are detrimental to health .

Most usefully they  are prepared at home by special popcorn maize – Zea mays var. everta, whose grains are even healthier than regular corn, because they contain more protein . ’30 Popcorn loaded with 110 cal and 1.2 grams of fat . For comparison, the same portion ’30 potato chips contains 150 mud and over 10 times more fat – 12.6.

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Popcorn is a good source of dietary fiber 4.3 g per serving. The World Health Organisation recommends a daily mud engulfed 1000 to adopt 14 g fiber . They aid in the digestion , and improve blood sugar control and reduce the likelihood of development of certain cardiovascular diseases and cancers .

If served unsalted  it is the most useful , each portion of popcorn will contain less than 1 mg sodium. There are also lower levels of the minerals potassium, magnesium and foliati . Polyphenols contents act as antioxidants , which protect cells from free radical damage . Portion popcorn contains over 300 g antioxidants – nearly two times more than in some citrus.

Magnesium stimulates the growth , development and maintenance of healthy bone tissue. A good intake of magnesium from various sources reduces the likelihood of developing osteoporosis and strengthen them against thinning and fractures.A portion of popcorn contains 0.3 mg of magnesium and 13% of the daily requirement for men and 18% women.

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The logical conclusion is that the popcorn themselves are healthy and beneficial food, but preparations for  pop packed or offered in a movie theater popcorn are too high in fat and salt that dramatically increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease .

The best choice is to buy dried beans and prepare the popcorn at home. Preferably this should be done in the microwave, because in the oven should be added fat.

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