Parsley – a bomb of vitamin K

Distributed worldwide, parsley is respected both for its pleasant taste and  decorative appearance.

This spice is a veritable treasury of vitamin K, which mainly comes from its favorable effect on the organism.


10 g of this aromatic plant not only contain 0% calories but give more than 150% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin K. This vitamin serves essentially to the  body in different ways: it protects bones from fractures, prevents calcification of arteries and protects the liver and some prostate cancers, but the most famous is that it promotes normal blood clotting. In fact, its name comes from the German word initially koagulation – clotting.

With parsley does not need to overdo, especially during pregnancy, because when consumed in large quantities it can cause trouble.

Smokers should cherish the parsley, because it can improve the quality of their breath. It contains therein vegetable oils such as myristicin proven act as chemical protectors of the lungs, helping to neutralize carcinogens such as benzopyrene – a part of the cigarette smoke.

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At present more parsley vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, and folic acid – vitamin B group, which plays an important role in the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. The flavonoid luteolin did also present in stable quantities, is an antioxidant, a real hunter of free radicals and immune system modulator.

It is advisable to always choose fresh parsley to dried, but it’s only because of the taste factor. Fresh parsley should have a healthy green color and it;s dense and fragile. It is appropriate to avoid faded and yellowed twigs and leaves, because this is an indication of damage from pesticides or decay. Parsley should always be washed thoroughly under running water before eating or storing in the refrigerator.

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