Unknown facts about mustard

Mustard is a condiment made ​​from the seeds of the mustard plant. A number of factors make it a healthy food, but few of them are known.


  • An attractive mix full of carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein, vitamins A, C and K. All of these components are antioxidants that slow the aging process.
  • Mustard helps losing extra pounds. Seeds that are made are treasure trove First B-complex vitamins such as niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and others. These compounds enhance the metabolism, which is always a desired effect if you want to lose weight.
  • Consumption alleviates the symptoms of asthma as it contains selenium and magnesium. Both components impart a notable anti-inflammatory properties. If taken in moderation, helps control the symptoms of asthma, colds and flu.
  • Protects even the development of gastrointestinal tumor formation. Mustard seeds contain phytosterols and other phytonutrients that prevent or at least delay the development of cancer in this area.
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