The history of ice cream…

 Around the homemade ice cream were born many stories , some true and others of fantasy , which narrate the birth of this food so special and loved by all. The pleasure of enjoying a delicious ice cream is of least three thousand years old , and his birth is uncertain.

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One of the earliest historical documents that speak of ” ice cream ” comes to us from a greek poet who lived in 500 BC Athens. The Greeks loved to prepare their soft drinks with a little lemon , honey and pomegranate juice with a lot of snow or ice.

If we move to Saudi , we find that each was already frozen drink called ” sherbet ” , from which the word Italian sorbet.

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The Arabs in Sicily were the usual mix of Etna snow fruit juices , creating what may be considered the ancestor of our homemade ice cream.

 The birth of the ice cream made ​​from milk or cream is fairly recent. He was born around the year 1565 at the court of Catherine de ‘ Medici in Florence, thanks to the architect Bernardo Buontalenti , said Master Bernardo pinwheels that achieves an almost sherbet ice cream using snow , salt ( for a law of physics latter lowers temperature) , lemons , sugar, egg white and milk.

 Subsequently, in 1686 , the enterprising Sicilian Francesco Procopio, who moved to Paris, inaugurated the ” Café Procope ” , which still exists today , where he created a new recipe for making ice cream – sorbet using fruit, honey, sugar and ice.

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Another important step for the production and dissemination of the ice cream comes from the United States, where Nancy Johnson, of New Jersey, in 1846 he perfected the first ice cream maker : a tub filled with ice and salt where Nancy has inserted a metal cylinder with l ‘ dough to freeze that goes with a crank. Two years after William Young cares to apply a motor to the tub , allowing a more uniform cooling of the compound . The real revolution , however, you have the beginning of 900 , with the introduction of the ice cream maker motor.

Equally important is the revolutionary invention by Fabbri (producer of syrups alcoholic and non ) of the first products for the preparation of sweet most loved in the world. It is composed of ingredients for homemade ice cream including fruit pastes and creams that the craftsman uses in his recipes by adding milk , cream or water to make its ice cream .

The ice cream has become certainly one of the most common and popular dessert in the world thanks to his kindness and genuineness of the ingredients used . The homemade ice cream always brings traditional Italian food in the world .

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