One packet of crisps = 5 liters of oil

Consumption of a bag of potato chips is equal to daily consumption of 5 liters of oil.

How chips and snacks can seriously damage your health?They appealed to the labeling of products to warn of harm from consuming them , like cigarette packets .

New research has showed that food companies have transformed from mild chips and tempting breakfast as it was in the 70s in the UK ,to a product full of chemicals to which people are addicted. Consumption of a packet of crisps a day is equivalent to the consumption of 5 liters of oil.

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A bag of chips is full of fat, salt and sugar, which stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain and lead to an irresistible craving for them. Chips contains toxic chemical acrylamide, which is colorless, odorless and tasteless. The chemical has been linked to DNA damage structures.

According to the World Health Organization  chips contains 1343 mcg / kg acrylamide .British studies have shown that consumption of large amounts of chips during pregnancy is equivalent of the smoke in respect of damage to the fetus.

It was found that the consumption of chips is the main culprit for obesity and overweight .Large amounts of salt contained in it, contribute to the development of heart disease and cancer , diabetes type II, as well as damage to the unborn child , hyperactivity in children and others.

  • The results and findings of the study are published in the New England Journal.
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3 thoughts on “One packet of crisps = 5 liters of oil”

  1. I did know that crisps drink up oil and are bad for health. And though Your maths does sound exaggerated, makes sense. But what I like above all in this Your post is the Picture! Burnblog, and Burnt crisps! And only at the edges! Must have been hard work getting this up! Kudos.

    1. Everything we have written is actual statistic. We have not made up a thing. Our job is to share facts with each one of you. We are aware that these facts might not be 100% true, but 99% of them are.Thank you for your comment, we are trying to make each critique into a constructive one. See you again on Burnblog!

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