Liquid calories

Is there a difference between calories in food and calories in drinks?

 Generally 200 calories are 200 calories, whether you drink or chew them. However there is a difference. Calories that we take in the form of drinks, satisfy our hunger at least the same amount of calories, which we would take in the form of food.

 The reason is that the human body perceives the solid and the liquid food in a variety of mechanisms. If you drink before a meal,during mealtimes you will consume 200 calories less. On the other hand, if the pre-eat solid food has 200 calories, then you will receive less food during the meal itself. As studies of American scientists from Columbia University.


Why not drink quench-hunger food, even if  it is calorie-high?

Liquid food stays for a short time in the stomach, claims Dr.  Mats. Thus, once we have accepted a drink, it briefly fills the stomach but does not create a lasting  feeling of satiety.

 Also, the drinks are generally less dense than solid food and this is another reason we can not be fully satiated. 

 Scientists say that the reason why we can not be sated even by a nutritional drink is evolution. A long time ago people actually have not taken calories from beverages other than water because they had no other drinks ( refer to the time before the beer and wine ) . So our body has historically been unable to adapt so as to enhance the liquid calories.


What about soup ?

 It is an exception, says science. Soup has a filling effect of solids partly because most soups have a significant nutritional value.

They therefore recommend : if between breakfast and lunch you are hungry , it is better to eat something less than one nutritional drink . If you eat something low-caloried , filling, and with fiber content , this will satiate you without harming  your figure . These things can be fresh or dried fruits , whole grains and other healthy stuff.

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One trick for healthy eating

Although the willpower and desire to take care of yourself are the most important tricks for healthy eating, there are some other that will help you out.

One: Do your best healthy food to your closest – at home and in the office.

For example, put a bowl full of fruit. Bring it home and replace everything you could eat with fruits instead – biscuits, cakes etc. Keep in the office healthy food as well – nuts, dried fruit. The more  easily you access healthy food, the more seldom you will eat junk stuff.

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They also work great  for  dinner.Start with a salad or a fruit,so that way you will not have appetite for junk food.

Try to “cheat” the desire for chips,  instead take your bag of raw nuts. This simple trick will help you eat healthier now.