3 Reasons to quit sparkling drinks

  • Carbonated drinks  increase the hunger for sugar

Carbonated drinks  fool the brain that the drink is less sweet than it actually is so that the body  decides that it needs more sweetness. So your appetite increases your cravings.

  • This also applies to dietary options

Since they are also carbonated, their effect on appetite is the same as sodas with sugar.

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  • Some studies show that soda damages particularly men

An aerated drink per day increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. The study was conducted over 15 years, and has found that men who drink every day  300 ml fizzy, were exposed to a 40% higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

Other studies have shown an association between regular consumption of soft drinks and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as the development and maintenance of obesity.

If you regularly drink soda, try to reduce it, and replace it with water or tea. In the fall, it should be easier to do, because it is not so hot and you dont have a constant need to drink cold drinks. If you have a tendency to overdo with a sparkling drinks, best stock mineral water at home and in the office. So you’ll always have something to quench your thirst, but it will also increase your water intake, which is useful to your health.


6 of the most expensive food in the world

1. The most expensive spice – saffron

It is made of a type of crocus. Between 50 000 and 75 000 flowers are needed to make 450 g of this spice. This is equivalent to a football field crocuses.

Price per pound – between $ 1,100 and $ 11,000

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2. The most expensive mushroom in the world – the white truffle

It grows in the Piedmont region in northern Italy, reaching 12 cm diameter and 500 g weight.

Price per pound – between $ 1,350 and $ 2,700

Record price for a pound and a half of white truffles is $ 330,000. It was paid in December 2007 by Stanley Ho, the owner of the casino.

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3. The most expensive nut – Macadamia

Macadamia tree yields fruit after passing 7-10 years of age. During this time, it needs good soil and abundant rainfall. Nuts are very hard, but inside they contain 80% fat and 4% sugar.

Price per kilogram – more than $ 30


4. The most expensive potato – La Bonnotte

La Bonnotte is a French variety grown on the island Noarmutie. The only fertilizer used in the cultivation of these potatoes is from algae. So the taste of the potato has lemon and sea notes. La Bonnotte is very rare and therefore expensive. Another reason for the price is that La Bonnotte are picked by hand, because they are too brittle to machine. It is only between 1st and 10th May each year.

Price per pound – up to € 550

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5. The most expensive coffee – Kopi Luwak

It comes from Sumatra and, more precisely, from the digestive system of a small predator Asian palm civet. Once the animal eats coffee beans and turns in a great need to use the toilet, the result is the most expensive coffee in the world. Only about 200-250 kg of it is produced in a year.

Price per kilogram – more than $ 600

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6. The most expensive tea

It is a Chinese green tea and is extremely rare.

Price per kilo – $ 3,000 for one cup$ 15

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