Olive oil is as good as breast milk

The extra virgin olive oil is as healthy as breast milk .It Contains fats such as PCBs, which give our  health a lot of benefits . The condiment is mostly loved by Italians . The experts have indicated that it is suitable to combat diabetes and to protect the liver , as well as being able to increase the sense of satiety .

You can not tell by appearance , but olive oil and breast milk containsnutrients alike.

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Why is olive oil so important ? Extra virgin olive oil contains amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fat , which makes it more similar to breast milk . Both compounds are present in the symbol of the Mediterranean diet which , in the opinion of the experts , would be acceptable even to people who probably have never tasted it before, like the Inuit .
The olive oil keeps its content of essential fatty acids only if it is properly prepared in the mill . In the opinion of the experts , the daily intake of high-quality oil is particularly beneficial for both the intake of omega 3 and omega 6.Oleuropein is a substance that lowers blood pressure and makes the arteries more elastic as well as reducing the process ateriosclerotico .
The oleuropein gives the oil its characteristic of bitter aftertaste. Then there is another component that is  important. It is dell’oleocantale , hence the spicy taste . This substance has an anti-inflammatory power and reproduces in a natural way the effects of ibuprofen , the active ingredient which is widely used in the production of pain medication.