Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is in Russia, which is located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia. It is the deepest lake in the world and the largest reservoir of freshwater.

Lakes and coastal areas are characterized by a unique variety of flora and fauna., As most of the species are endemic and found nowhere else in the world. The locals call Baikal Sea, although it has freshwater.

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The length of the Baikal is 636 km and its shape is like a crescent . Its width varies  from 25 to 80 km and its area is equivalent to that of countries such as Belgium , the Netherlands or Denmark. The Maximum depth of the Baikal is over a mile , making it the deepest lake on the planet. The average depth of the lake is also impressive – 730 m , for which Baikal holds more than 20% of the world’s fresh water. Extremely clean and transparent waters of Baikal contain so little salt that it can be used instead of distilled water.

In Baikal live over 2.5000 species and subspecies of plants and animals, two thirds of which inhabit this pond only. The lake is located in a kind of valley, which is surrounded on all sides by mountain ridges. This west coast is rocky and steep, and the relief on the east – more oblique.

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Curiously, at the end of the winter ice thickness in Baikal averages one meter. When In extreme cold, the ice breaks up huge plates with a length of 30 km. These cracks occur annually in approximately the same area of ​​the lake – they are accompanied by a deafening crash, resembling thunder. Through these cracks the ice fish in the lake does not perish from lack of oxygen. An interesting fact is that the ice of Baikal is almost transparent.

Scientists determine the age of the lake of 25-30 million years.

The territory of Baikal and in the vicinity, one can find  many natural and cultural heritage, as well as many historical and archaeological sites. These include scale Shaman-stone mountain Cherskiy Peak, Cape Burhan Island Olhos, Krugobaykalskata railway and others. In various areas around the lake passes the Great Baikal Trail, which is a system of natural trails and is one of the most wonderful ways to get to know the unique nature and enjoy the impressive views.

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