The Vegetable Pepper is useful for staying healthy

The pepper is a vegetable that is very tasty and is also the right choice for staying healthy. Probably, many people will not be happy because this vegetable has a big drawback : it tends to be a little  stodgy .On the other extreme, it has many positive properties . It contains very few calories (23 per 100 grams) because it consist a large amount of water ( more than 90% ),thus,becoming  a valuable ally for the legs and it also promotes circulation . Moreover, its quality differs depending on the color.

Among the various characteristics , it has a high content of provitamin A ( firming) and especially vitamin C (antioxidant and also in this case firming) . If you have capillary fragility it might give you a hand, especially in the summer .

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But let’s get to the colors of this vegetable . The green ones are perfect to eat in salads , and are very purifying , the red one , however, should be eaten raw or grilled . It’s perfect if you’re on a diet, because it has the characteristic to satisfy you fully. Finally, there is the antioxidant, the yellow one , perfect for sauces and for a combination with tomato sauce.