3 ways to keep yourself fit

Incorporate more movement into your daily life and watch what you eat. Here are three ways to keep fit through proper nutrition.

  • Avoid added sugar

A scoop here , two there, and here’s a bunch of empty calories . The most common sources of unnecessary added sugar than spoons of sugar in coffee are sweetened sodas , pasta, breakfast cereals , confectionery , sweetened dairy products ( sweetened sour and fresh milk ) , ice cream and fruit drinks containing sugar.

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  What remains as healthy then ? Meat, vegetables, fruit , eggs, whole grains and dairy products without added sugar.

  • Do not be afraid of fat

 Yes , fats contribute to weight gain . No, do not avoid them completely.

Benefits of fat is that they sate and add flavor to your food . For these two reasons, it is better to include them in moderate amounts in your diet to avoid feeling hungry and deprived of delicious food.

Still depends on the fat. You should not be afraid of the fat in meat, cheese , milk, butter , olive oil , nuts , avocados.

 How much fat should you accept? Experts say 1.1 grams per kilogram of body weight.If you weigh 75 kg you should take no more than 82 grams of fat per day.

  • Preparing your own meals

The more time and effort you put into this, the less you’ll have to eat out at fast food restaurants. Studies show that people can take up to 500 more calories on days they eat out compared to the days they do not eat out.

 Clearly, when you’re busy, you can not sit down and cook, but this does not preclude efforts. On weekends and evenings you can spend time on something homemade and healthy.