Burn fat, summer edition – Part 1

Summer is the season in which you will have to throw away the thick winter clothes and put something sexy and emphasize your figure.

 Winter slows down metabolism and  alongside the many holidays we eat not the healthiest food,therefore it is normal to put in some extra kilograms.

 Now is the last train that you should definitely catch if you have missed for one reason or another the other – bring  into shape for the summer season.

 So start with the principle of the pyramid. The fastest way to get in shape (less body fat percentage) is cardio. It can be practiced both in the gym and outdoors – in the park or a stadium for example. I recommend you to combine both. When the weather is nice, you can run outdoors, preferably on level ground, but it  is preferable to be equipped with a calorimeter so that you can see how much you burn.