Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio is organized in the former capital of Brazil (1763-1960) – Rio de Janeiro. Situated between  mountains and sea it provides its visitors beautiful beaches, lovely scenery and unusual culture. Rio is the ideal place for such an event . Contributing to the mood of the town are the local people who live in the rhythm of their national music – choro , samba and bossa nova . Brazilians are very proud of the Carnival ; This year’s carnival is expected  to be visited by  700,000 foreigners.

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The Carnival in Rio is a real extravaganza of colors, movements and beautiful bodies all under the fiery rhythm of samba . The carnival is organized at the end of February or early March each year. The very first event was held in 1830. Rio pulsates to the rhythm of Carnival 4 days and 4 nights.It always starts on Saturday – exactly 40 days before Easter , and its end is the last day before Lent. Its appearance  is still preserved since its establishment, which includes a variety of events – from street parties, parades and circuses to masquerades , various theme parties and dances .

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During the Carnival themain boulevard Sambadrom – or also called Boulevard of samba is filled with thousands of dancers. The biggest event during the Carnival parade is the 13 samba schools in the city,which are dancing to the crazy rhythms on different platforms and structures for 2 nights. Each school has its own scene and theme of dance and creates its own original storyline , which contains a brief history . Each dance troupe openes the show with 10 to 15 people , which aims to promote the school and set up the audience for their upcoming choreography. Later in the performance each school involves some 5,000 dancers , and each has its own role and everything is exercised many times, so that it looks perfect . Usually the stands has about 100 000 people , although there are only seats for 60,000 . Sets and costumes of the schools this year reached a record 28 million dollars worth , as to win the Carnival in Rio is a great prestige.

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During the carnival in Rio a lot of  different music bands play and sing as many Brazilians dance and have fun. So that at any time when you want to join the fun , just join in with a dance step .

King of the Carnival or the so-called Momo , has always been happy and elected local fat uncle, as was required to be at least 100 kg, but for the sake of the global fight against unhealthy eating , Momo this year will be healthy , lean and muscular.

The combination of a parade , street carnival and crazy music makes Carnival in Rio the greatest show and the craziest party in the world. Combine all this beauty with the irresistible beaches in Brazil and it just becames an explosive combination that you should visit .

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