Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Almost all children would be glad a lot if they see a mountain of chocolate. And what about the first 268m hill made of chocolate?

Consisting of 1268 hills with a perfect conical shape of the same size , spread over an area of 50 square kilometers, this highly unusual geological formation, called Chocolate Hills , is located in Bohol , Philippines. There are several hypotheses for the formation of the hills. Including eroded limestone oceanic volcanism , uplift of the seafloor and a more recent theory is that as an ancient active volcano that was self-destructed , it spewed huge blocks of stone which were then covered  with limestone and thrust forth from the ocean .

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Naturally, in Bohol people will tell you two stories about the origin of the hills. Better known for the two giants who are pelted with stones and large rocks. After almost two days of battle , they felt completely exhausted and soon forgot why they have started to fight and left as friends.
A more romantic version of a giant called Arogi who fell in love with Aloya . When Aloya died Arogi highly grieved and wept , and his huge tears rained down on the ground and then hardened , becoming the Chocolate Hills as evidence of his eternal sorrow.

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