The history of coffee…

We do not know exactly when the coffee was discovered for the first time , but archaeologists have found descriptions of the use of coffee as a medicine in the Arab world in writings dating back to 900 AD

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A legend attributes to the discovery of coffee to an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi (around 300 BC).
He observed that his flock was very active when the animals ate certain red berries ;
so decided to try them and discovered the energetic effect of the coffee berries . Gradually the  use of the coffee berries as food energy spread over the world and people learned that they could prepare a tasty drink by first boiling and then fermenting the berries .

From Ethiopia the use of coffee spread to neighboring areas , when the first coffee plantation was built in Yemen. The cultivation then spread to Arabia and Egypt, where coffee drinking (called ” Kahweh ” ) soon became a daily habit .

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The coffee became popular in Europe in the 17th century and its popularity grew very quickly. At the beginning of 1600 ” coffee houses ” began to rise a little everywhere, especially in Italy, France, Britain , Holland and Germany .
Earlier – in 1570 – the coffee was introduced to Europe by a Venetian doctor , Prospero Alpini . Venice was the first Italian city to enjoy the coffee and to have public spaces where it can be enjoyed. The oldest, the Cafe Florian,  continues to offer the precious drink  under the arcades of Piazza San Marco. In Italy , among the aristocrats , coffee soon became a precious gift to offer as a symbol of friendship or love. The coffee culture soon spread throughout the peninsula and also other cities had their ” coffee houses ” : the Greek Cafe in Rome , Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua , Caffè San Carlo in Turin.

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The first machine to make coffee at home was invented in Naples in 1691 by the famous Neapolitan coffee maker . People would use that tool metal , clean water , and 4-5 grams of finely roasted coffee to prepare three or four cups of coffee at once and drink it at home .It soon became a ritual in Italy to conclude the meal with a cup of aromatic coffee .
The coffee was freed early with a reputation of ” aristocratic drink ” and spread to all social classes. Then it became a daily habit to enjoy the pleasure of an invigorating drink . The Espresso was combined with other ingredients , and the most famous coffee-based beverages have Italian names : Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato . Over the years Italy has become the official ambassador of the philosophy of Espresso .

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