Door to hell, Turkmenistan

A unique but little-known place near Darvaz, Turkmenistan

 Near the small town Darvaz in Turkmenistan is located a peculiar natural phenomenon called  “the door to hell.” In fact, nature has very little “guilt” in creating this phenomenon.


How was the door to hell formed ? It all started back in 1971 when scientists from the then Soviet Union were sent to explore the area for the presence of natural gas. Well, they indeed  discovered natural gas reserves . It turned out , however, that under the surface there is a huge underground cave and digging during stability studies violates its surface.It then collapsed and left a hole with a diameter of about 70 meters and a depth of about 20 meters. To prevent the free flow of poison gas, geologists decided it was best to ignite the hole.They  Expected the gas to burn a few days and then continue to work safely on the site. To their unpleasant surprise gas not only burned for a few days , but continues to burn to this day – over 40 years after the accident . Whether it was right or wrong  to ignite the gas one can not say definitely , but the fact is that during these four decades the door to hell has burned huge amounts of gas.

So , today we are witnessing the phenomenon “door to hell” due to the nature, with little help from  scientists’ error !

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