Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955

“I want to know what are the main principles which, when God created the universe. Otherwise do not care. “

 In the current development of mankind twentieth century was a period marked by tragedy and spectacular progress. Of the great tragedies remind the two world wars , and inventing , producing, and ultimately , the use of the atomic bomb , which brings to mankind the horrors of self-destruction .
As spectacular development in the twentieth century is the moment in which man is closest to the discovery of the great secret : understanding of the universe.
The paradox is that both aspects are indirectly linked to the genius of one person – namely, of Albert Einstein !
The creation of this contribution tortured genius scientist for the rest of his life !

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 Born in Germany, is a family of Jewish industrialist , as a child Einstein showed serious difficulties to adapt to school and the teachers declared it problem child that does not want to learn. After years he formulated the theory of relativity and enjoys worldwide recognition persecution by the Nazis , forced to leave their homeland to escape the compound in America. The fact that has contributed , albeit indirectly , for the creation of the atomic bomb , causes ugrezeniya and anguish of learning that his whole life is a fighter for world peace and became a symbol of the twentieth century.

In the childhood genius of Albert Einstein did not notice. He is introverted child , so often becomes the subject of jokes among his classmates . Not a brilliant student, but it does not read like any popular science books.
Tends to analyze in detail from various perspectives, every thought , idea or information stored however silence until lunch that his brain has exhausted a subject – something that causes people to think about the retarded and to underestimate .

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He was born in the small German city of Ulm . The story goes that when his mother first saw her newborn son Albert, nearly fainted . Newborn weighing more than normal and there were swollen and square head . His parents are worried and wondered if offspring with which God has given them , is normal.
Great is their astonishment , however , when one day the little open mouth and speaks with ease and vocabulary of an adult.   What happened ? By this time the child analyze the use of the word and then give outward expression of what has been learned .
At school, Einstein continued to use the advanced method of study. While certain items it stimulates interest , it quite differently things with physics and philosophy – two disciplines that really fascinating.
When still young , his father showed him a compass Herman , the fact that the pointer remains fixed regardless of the movement of the compass, endlessly surprising little Albert, who realizes that there exists invisible and independent of human will power that he can not understand.
At age 11 , Albert visited elite school in Munich , Germany. This is a school that operates under German military model , and teachers used the iron discipline and absolute obedience which is not appealed Albert who hates collective activities and strict discipline . The age of 15 moved to semeystvotmu Itliya , and he remained in Munich where the military school is required. Prepare your plan to leave the strict school and to avoid military service . Request assistance from lekar which to issue a document that the school  his mental health.
So Einstein came from Germany – the country where he spent his childhood and went to Italy with his family.

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Though sad departure from Einstein’s Germany , his parents support it. So 16 years Albert an examination at the Polytechnic in Zurich, Switzerland , while failing to take the exam , the results are displayed on the science makes the evaluation committee to accept it.
So at the age of 20 years old he met Mileva Maric and his relationship with this woman played a big role for the rest of his life.
Mileva is an intelligent woman. Due to illness in childhood , she limps with one leg .
” The woman you love , you will do together learned research. I do not want to waste my time with ignorant and uneducated people who make me feel like I’m standing at the wall . “ With such love letters he reveals his feelings to Mileva .

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World of Physics 1905 is the year of the wonders of Einstein. For 100 days he published three original theories , one of which is the theory of the photoelectric effect , which later received the Nobel Prize . Published Theory of Relativity , which will continue to connect his name – Einstein.
Although his theories were published in several issues of some journals , they remain completely unanswered by the scientific community . Just when Einstein began to experience razacharovanie , received a letter from Berlin, which screamed : ” In your theory has some vague salient . “ The sender is the famous physicist Max Planck , who first discovered the young tester images.
Einstein’s theories represent an innovation for its time . He argues that the only quantity that remains constant prirodatam is the speed of light and therefore the concept of time is relative. This perspective, the key principles of Nyutyun physics that rule 300 years , by which time is constant. His theory caused astonishment in the scientific world . This astonishment is even greater due to the fact that these conclusions are formulated not by any professor and unknown tester images, which is only 26 years old.

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While the university continues to formulate theories. Firstly , that time is not an absolute value , and then takes on the relativity of space.
Theory of relativity , Einstein is not very understandable . But, as he argues , if someone came to the secret of the universe with the soul of a little child , then the most complicated theory seems simple.
In February 1919 declared his divorce with Mileva Maric . Three years after the divorce while back with a ship from Japan, learned that he was awarded the Nobel nagada physics . The story goes that he took the news very quiet and reserved, probably because of the fact that the reward is awarded not for relativity to his research on the photoelectric effect . The money that gets a gives Mileva , thus the promise given in the past, when they believed that one day I will win the Nobel Prize.

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Although it is entirely Jewish family Einstein fully perceived the German way of life.
Already gained worldwide popularity each year Ayshtayn invited to the United States at conferences . While Einstein in America, is distributed rumored to be preparing his murder . He traveled from America to Europe, but not going to Germany and Belgium , where under the protection of the royal family.
All materials left by scientists in Germany were destroyed by the Nazis. Einstein who first left Germany at age 16 , was forced to do it again 54 years of age.
For 20 years from 1933 when he left Germany for the rest of your life – Einstein lives in the university town of Princeton , New Jersey .
The release of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima deeply hurt him and turns it into a fierce supporter.

  • 76 years old witnessed two world wars, and his life is a mix of fame , recognition, bitterness and disappointment !