Egypt offers an underwater gateway to Alexandria

Egypt revived the idea of ​​a giant underwater museum off the coast of Alexandria. o reveal the beauty of centuries ago mired palace of Cleopatra. The idea for the unusual archaeological museum has existed for years and has generated thousands of ancient treasure discovered in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, near the eastern port of the famous city. A treasure trove found on the seabed in the last decade includes 26 Sphinx , several huge granite blocks weighing up to 50 tons , as well as alleged debris legendary lighthouse on the island . Pharos is considered one of the seven wonders of the world . According to scientists, around here are found the remains of the palace complex of the last ruler of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra , lost after a series of earthquakes in the IV-V century AD .


In the near future the admirers of historical tourism will have the unique opportunity to glimpse these submerged treasures closely ,promise the Egyptian authorities . Under their ambitious plans, in early 2010 they should start building a giant underwater tunnel fiberglass and it should be completed in two and a half years. The project is made by the famous French architect Jacques Ruzhri who has an extensive experience with underwater structures and the support of UNESCO.

The appearance of the first ever archaeological museum below sea level to attract millions of tourists in the second largest city of Egypt , however, remains questionable because the necessary $ 140 million for its constructionOfficials hope the money will come from private companies and organizations , but some experts fear that the huge technical challenges associated with the construction of such an unusual structure can repel them . Among the main problems are ensuring visibility among frustratingly murky waters of the bay, and the creation of stable enough structure to resist the strong undercurrents .