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11 surprising facts about creativity

Who would have thought that the mess can actually increase creativity ? Or that you are more creative  when you are tired of asking ” News Manager ” ?

  • You are more creative when you’re tired .
  •  Blue enhances creativity .
  • Creative people are not afraid of situations with high risks .
  •  Creative ones are more mature and soft people because their nerves are not bend so easily.
  • People involved in creative projects  age visibly slower.
  •  Exercises increase creativity .
  • Traveling abroad stimulates creativity .
  • . Creativity can be an indication of promiscuity .
  • Studies show that left-handed people are more creative.
  • Creative people lie more often.
  • The disorder increases creative thinking .


Popcorn – healthy or harmful?

Popcorn is not only delicious – it can also be useful.

It can be used for low-calorie and diet snacks between meals for the day, but must be chosen carefully : most sold prepared or packaged microwave popcorn contain large amounts of fat and salt that are detrimental to health .

Most usefully they  are prepared at home by special popcorn maize – Zea mays var. everta, whose grains are even healthier than regular corn, because they contain more protein . ’30 Popcorn loaded with 110 cal and 1.2 grams of fat . For comparison, the same portion ’30 potato chips contains 150 mud and over 10 times more fat – 12.6.

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Popcorn is a good source of dietary fiber 4.3 g per serving. The World Health Organisation recommends a daily mud engulfed 1000 to adopt 14 g fiber . They aid in the digestion , and improve blood sugar control and reduce the likelihood of development of certain cardiovascular diseases and cancers .

If served unsalted  it is the most useful , each portion of popcorn will contain less than 1 mg sodium. There are also lower levels of the minerals potassium, magnesium and foliati . Polyphenols contents act as antioxidants , which protect cells from free radical damage . Portion popcorn contains over 300 g antioxidants – nearly two times more than in some citrus.

Magnesium stimulates the growth , development and maintenance of healthy bone tissue. A good intake of magnesium from various sources reduces the likelihood of developing osteoporosis and strengthen them against thinning and fractures.A portion of popcorn contains 0.3 mg of magnesium and 13% of the daily requirement for men and 18% women.

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The logical conclusion is that the popcorn themselves are healthy and beneficial food, but preparations for  pop packed or offered in a movie theater popcorn are too high in fat and salt that dramatically increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease .

The best choice is to buy dried beans and prepare the popcorn at home. Preferably this should be done in the microwave, because in the oven should be added fat.

How Useful Is white chocolate?

White chocolate is made primarily of cocoa butter, sugar and milk , which makes it too rich in saturated fats. This type of chocolate is rich in calcium, but , unfortunately, does not make it healthy . The lack of sufficient nutrients , high calorific value and a higher proportion of sugar and fat compared to milk and dark chocolates makes it highly unadvisable . Even its rare consumption is detrimental to health .

100 mg of a white chocolate contain 458 calories and 27.2 g fat, 16.5 g of which are saturated . Saturated fats contribute to weight gain , increase in total cholesterol and accelerate the process of plaque deposition on the inner walls of blood vessels. This combined effect of saturated fat contributes greatly to the development of diabetes type -2 and a number of cardiovascular diseases , headed by hypertension.

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That portion of 100 g white chocolate contains an average of 50.1 g of refined sugar. For men, it is unwise to consume more than 36 grams of sugar per day, and for women the situation is even worse : no more than 24 grams of sugar a day. Any amount exceeding this daily limit accelerates not only obesity but also tooth decay . Elevated levels of sugar in turn increase blood triglycerides , which further increases the risk of heart disease .

The only good thing that can be said for white chocolate but the taste is addressed to its abundance of calcium. For this, chocolate was prepared with large amounts of milk , 100 g thereof contain 189 mg calcium.  Although not fully compensating for the harmful effects of other ingredients , calcium in white chocolate reduces the risk of hypertension , high cholesterol and heart problems.

Experts nutritionists do not recommend consuming more than 1-2 pieces of white chocolate daily. A good alternative is dark chocolate – it contains a lot less calories and sugar additives. Dark chocolate contains at least 60-69% cocoa, which protects the cardiovascular system and is good for digestion.

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Why do we remember the shape of a paper clip ?

Like a miracle : take a paper clip , unfold it and deform , then holding the tip of the pliers gently hold it briefly over a candle flame and it becomes again the same as before . How is this possible?

Take your time to try , it will not work with each clip . ” Privileged “ are those of a special alloy metal called “shape memory” . When heated, they ” remember “ what they looked like in the process of production before being chilled, and return to it’s original state .

The most successful one is nitinolat alloy – of nickel and titanium.  Copper and zinc , copper, nickel and aluminum work better. They can exist in two structures – the high temperature austenite and martensite low . The transition between them is provided by the temperature changes.


“Remember “ metals are used in many fields – from medicine to aerospace . For example, stent expansion artery is inserted easily into the blood vessel and unfolds only when it reaches its destination . Extensive use in braces to correct teeth , and frames of glasses – not a tragedy if someone sits on them and bent. Especially valuable are those alloys in the manufacture of artificial satellites , in particular for the part of the solar panels. They are sent into space folded to occupy less space in the rocket , and deploy them only when heated by the sun. They find a place even in underwired bras . The transition from one phase to another can be effected not only by a change in temperature. There are materials that ” remember “ the shape with the help of magnetic fields.


Memory metals are used in automobiles – Spring example. Nitinolat occurs in fire sensors in robotics . It is believed that in the future these metals will produce artificial limbs – arms and legs that can be tailored to each individual patient. By having a good memory metals will make active structures that will move as prosthetic muscles.

The effect of metal shape memory was discovered in 1932 by Swedish researcher Arne Olader in an alloy of gold and cadmium. Nitinolat was born in 1962 at Naval Research Laboratory in the U.S..