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3 ways to keep yourself fit

Incorporate more movement into your daily life and watch what you eat. Here are three ways to keep fit through proper nutrition.

  • Avoid added sugar

A scoop here , two there, and here’s a bunch of empty calories . The most common sources of unnecessary added sugar than spoons of sugar in coffee are sweetened sodas , pasta, breakfast cereals , confectionery , sweetened dairy products ( sweetened sour and fresh milk ) , ice cream and fruit drinks containing sugar.

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  What remains as healthy then ? Meat, vegetables, fruit , eggs, whole grains and dairy products without added sugar.

  • Do not be afraid of fat

 Yes , fats contribute to weight gain . No, do not avoid them completely.

Benefits of fat is that they sate and add flavor to your food . For these two reasons, it is better to include them in moderate amounts in your diet to avoid feeling hungry and deprived of delicious food.

Still depends on the fat. You should not be afraid of the fat in meat, cheese , milk, butter , olive oil , nuts , avocados.

 How much fat should you accept? Experts say 1.1 grams per kilogram of body weight.If you weigh 75 kg you should take no more than 82 grams of fat per day.

  • Preparing your own meals

The more time and effort you put into this, the less you’ll have to eat out at fast food restaurants. Studies show that people can take up to 500 more calories on days they eat out compared to the days they do not eat out.

 Clearly, when you’re busy, you can not sit down and cook, but this does not preclude efforts. On weekends and evenings you can spend time on something homemade and healthy.

Nutrition and hectic lifestyle

If your work is connected with trips, certainly you face the problem of nutrition. However, it is typical even for modern people who are constantly rushing somewhere and can not find time to eat healthy.

  • What is the problem?

 The fact that in everyday life  we eat  junk and have no time for healthy food, inevitably affects the figure. But how to stop halfway and cook some healthy vegetable soup? No way, so grab chips.

  • How to solve this problem?

 As with most food problems,the first tip is to cut down carbohydrates. The reason: every time you eat food high in carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, sugar and pasta) you increase insulin levels in the blood. Insulin is a hormone that gives the following order of your system.

 Of course, this does not mean giving up entirely of carbohydrates, just eat them in low quantities.



 When you’re out and about  it gets complicated. Not always you can find to eat something that is not a sandwich or a packet of biscuits. Then what? In this case, observe the following rule – if you have to eat something with carbs in it, try to have the next three meals with low-carb. Otherwise, if you eat a sandwich for breakfast, try not to repeat that until the end of the day.

 Look for any fruit or nuts, or find a place where you can order something cooked(meat, eggs, etc.) without bread, of course.

5 Diet Myths that are Making You Fat

If you are trying to lose fat, you need to make sure you are focusing on the right things. Ignoring these 6 diet myths will help you redirect your focus on what is important so you can start losing weight today.

1. Detox Supplements or Protocols for Fat Loss

Detox supplements and diets are a complete quackery. Legitimate health care practitioners have known this for years.Detox programs simply do not work.

2. Eating 6 Meals a Day to Boost Your Metabolism

Calories in / Calories out is all you need to focus on for weight loss success. It is not known where the whole “6 meals per day” thing got started, but its a complete baloney. Research has demonstrated time and time again that increasing meal frequency does not aid in fat loss. In fact, from a psychological stand point it can hinder it. The more times you’re eating the more times throughout the day you’re getting hungry. Not good. Still don’t believe it? See the research for yourself.

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3. Fat Burning Supplements Make a Big Difference.

Some thermogenics can give slight help in suppressing appetite and increasing energy expenditure (for example- taking caffeine before you go workout gives you the energy to finish your routine). Here’s my practical advice- most of these supplements are a complete bull. Save your money and drink a cup of coffee or a sugar free redbull when you need energy. Caffeine is well researched and does have some benefits. Most fat burning pills are just caffeine mixed with a bunch of other ingredients so they can jack up the price.

4. Eating Healthy or Clean Foods is Better for Fat Loss than Processed Foods

Once again, it’s all about calorie balance. Having “junk food”in a well balanced diet will not hinder your fat loss if you are still achieving a caloric deficit. If you eat the same amount of calories from chicken and broccoli as a cheeseburger, it’s still the same calories. Our bodies must still obey the laws of physics, as does everything else in the universe.

5. Cutting Carbohydrates is Better for Fat Loss

Cutting calories is better for fat loss. How you cut those calories is up to you. Research suggests when subjects cut calories from fat compared to carbohydrates, the weight loss results are not significantly different. Carbohydrates have the least amount of physiological importance compared to protein and fats, so on a low calorie diet we have to meet those fat and protein needs first. By default, carbohydrates are reduced more than the other macronutrients on a low calorie diet.

One trick for healthy eating

Although the willpower and desire to take care of yourself are the most important tricks for healthy eating, there are some other that will help you out.

One: Do your best healthy food to your closest – at home and in the office.

For example, put a bowl full of fruit. Bring it home and replace everything you could eat with fruits instead – biscuits, cakes etc. Keep in the office healthy food as well – nuts, dried fruit. The more  easily you access healthy food, the more seldom you will eat junk stuff.

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They also work great  for  dinner.Start with a salad or a fruit,so that way you will not have appetite for junk food.

Try to “cheat” the desire for chips,  instead take your bag of raw nuts. This simple trick will help you eat healthier now.

Never skip your breakfast

In spite of health experts going blue in the face trying to get people to understand the importance of having breakfast, there are thousands who skip the first (and most crucial) meal of the day citing a motley of reasons.

Having a hearty breakfast helps control excess hunger throughout the day. We technically fast overnight while sleeping, forgoing breakfast adds to this fasting period and may disrupt blood sugar balance and insulin output.

Skipping breakfast also triggers bad eating habits during the day, as cravings ensue and quick-fix fast foods are often eaten. Having breakfast boosts metabolism and increases your energy levels throughout the day. When you miss it, your energy is reduced and physical activity levels decline.

An ideal, healthy breakfast A healthy breakfast provides 25 per cent of the total energy and nutrients required by the body. “Ideally, your first meal of the day should comprise a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fibre. Make sure you include fruits, whole grains, berries and and good fats. Opt for light and soft idlis with sambhar, plain dosas with green chutney, milk with cornflakes or wheatflakes, vegetable poha or upma with a milkshake and sprouts. Also, include high fibre fruits like apples, papayas, muskmelons, oranges or watermelons.

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What to avoid in the morning l Processed, deep fried or oily food, preserved meat, left over or junk food, cakes, pastries, and only juices are a no-no. l Avoid refined foods like white rice and white bread. Instead opt for whole wheat bread and cereals. Stay away from deep fried pakodas, puris, samosas, doughnuts, cookies, potato chips, candy bars and sodas. l Food items like vada pav, bhajias, wafers, pizzas and French fries are loaded with fat, salt and calories and have very little fibre — keep them at an arm’s length.

Disadvantages of skipping breakfast Experts say that skipping breakfast may put you on the fast track to weight gain, heart disease, osteoporosis, irritability or mood swings, menstrual irregularity, low energy levels, low memory and hormonal stress. A study shows that people who skipped breakfast developed higher bad LDL cholesterol levels, and were less sensitive to insulin than people who ate breakfast every day. And for those who skip breakfast in a bid to lose weight, you ought to read this. “People who miss breakfast tend to feel fatigued early on in the day and have low concentration levels, affecting their efficiency. Skipping breakfast also decreases metabolic rate making weight loss difficult. Research proves that people who skip breakfast tend to be heavier than people who eat a healthy breakfast. So, if you’re looking forward to losing weight, have a nutritious breakfast to get a healthy start to the day.

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Importance of a healthy breakfast in children and teens The amount of food that a child needs varies according to height, built, gender, and activity levels. “Most kids will usually eat the amount of food that’s right for them, however, it is up to the parents to ensure that their children have the right foods available to choose from. Eating a meal should be both a healthy and an enjoyable occasion — a fact that many parents overlook when planning a meal for growing children. Good eating habits start from home so be a good role model.

Make sure that no one in the house skips breakfast. A glass of milk along with a boiled egg, idli, dosa, a grilled vegetable sandwich, porridge, fresh fruit or a paneer sandwich is good for tweens and teens.