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Sahaja Yoga meditation

The relationship between Sahaja Yoga and meditation

Sahaja Yoga meditation makes a leap in the evolution of human consciousness. Sahaja Yoga as a science and a system of meditation is created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and is now distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. Sahaja means ‘spontaneous’ and Yoga – union with the Self (Self-realization), which is the goal of all spiritual traditions.

This knowledge is ancient, but for a long time it was available only to a few souls, it was kept in secret and transmitted from guru to disciple. In the past, Self Realization was extremely difficult. Nowadays Shri Mataji makes this knowledge accessible to all and spontaneous mass Self-realization becomes a reality, experienced by hundreds of thousands of people and strengthened by meditation. Daily meditation Sahaja Yoga is a natural process that does not require effort and is not time consuming. 424px-SahajaSubtleSystem.svg

 We live in a world filled with our various concepts and ideas because the only tool that offers our knowledge , is the mind . Since there are no rules to distinguish the true masters of crooks , many seekers of truth have been blinded and have followed different fake guru , self-proclaimed who seek money or power.

 By practicing meditation Sahaja Yoga, our awareness gains a new dimension where the absolute truth can be felt tangibly on the central nervous system. People grow spiritually without effort, as the seed becomes a large tree . Physical, mental and emotional balance are the result of the spiritual upliftment .

  • Then we realize that we dont have only a body, mind, ego, conditionings, emotions or intellect, but something  basic and eternal, which dwells in our hearts in a pure and undisturbed state.

3 Important benefits of yoga

  • Less stress and tension

 Yoga is an effective way to deal with stress and unnecessary anxiety . Some yoga styles use specific meditation techniques , which have a calming effect and help us reduce tension . Other styles rely on deep breathing techniques . They aim on focusing the mind on the breath , which has a calming effect .

Anti-stress benefits in yoga are associated with a number of biochemical reactions. In implementation it leads to a reduction of catecholamines – hormones produced by the adrenal gland in response to stress . It was also found a decrease in the levels of neurotransmitters , such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine , which create a feeling of relaxation .

Some studies have linked the practice of yoga with increasing levels of oxytocin . The hormone also has a calming effect and role in creating trust between people.

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  • Yoga for concentration and mood

Practicing yoga helps concentration. The benefits include the improvement of mood. It is believed that training increases the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

  • For a healthy heart

It was found that yoga helps lower high blood pressure and slow the heart rate , which is beneficial for people with hypertension , heart disease and stroke.

Yoga is associated with a decrease in the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides , as well as stimulation of  the immune function .

Studies have found that practicing yoga helps recover faster from a heart attack and return to normal life .

Daily meditation reduces the risk of heart disease by half.

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VIDEO: Floating Yoga – improving the balance

Paddle Board Yoga or floating yoga practice surfing or other flat object on the water.

This type of yoga combines exercises hot right lately sport paddle boarding and classical yoga.

At the beginning of the course combines 30 minutes rowing one hour performance of the classic yoga asanas.

Usually floating yoga is practiced in shallow water three to four meters. The vessel (board, surfing, etc.) is attached 10 pound, like the anchor to avoid constant movement and better balance yogista.

For more advanced not necessarily add a counterweight , which allows greater expansion and movement of the board during yoga exercises.

Paddle Board Yoga develops the sense of balance , focus on objects , strength and flexibility , stabilize and strengthen different muscle groups .

The fact that this type of yoga practiced in the open air , and in particular in water for a pleasant and relaxing experience. Simultaneously train muscles and senses , which energizes the body and reduces stress.

Rowing , which is part of the floating yoga , in turn resembles a meditation technique helps to achieve complete relaxation , it’s also a good workout for the whole body .

Advantage that yoga is practiced in water is that by fall , the water is much more enjoyable , relaxing and refreshing compared to the floor in the room practicing other types of yoga .

Many thanks for the video of Rachel Brathen!

VIDEO: Sensual yoga

Furthermore harmonious and blissful yoga practice can be very gentle, romantic and even sexy. The following video presents just this side of yoga. Enjoy the professionalism of the participants, and seriously consider whether you should not try!

Enjoy watching!

Тhanks Hagar Tsabar, for the video!

Easy exercises to start the day

Yoga for all

Here’s a great way to start the day with yoga.

Complex solar exercises that will stir your entire body, especially the spine and joints.

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Yoga – sports or something more?

The idea of yoga is to care not only for the body but for the mind

Most people associate yoga with a prolonged standing handstand or intertwined on all limbs. Few know , however, that exercises are only one of the eight steps of birth yoga or so-called ” classical yoga ” .

Sport? not exactly

Until it reaches the purification of the body through various postures ( asanas ) , initiated in the mystery of yoga , there are many way to go , or at least at least two more steps to climb. So before you start with the essential practice , he should be familiar with the theory or generally speaking – to free your mind of what prevents him from thoughts fully. A ” ease and relaxation ” of consciousness , we must admit , are difficult to achieve in the world in which we are forced to live .


Seen from ” all angles ” yoga is more complex and ancient science that takes a lifetime to be studied in depth than ” exotic ” sport or fashion . Everyone has the right to ” take ” it what it needs and what it needs.

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In most sports clubs in the country will offer you to familiarize yourself with precisely the practical part of yoga , showing you and teaching you called . ” Hatha Yoga ” or basic asanas studies.

It is useful to know that each pose has been conceived so that by compression or tension to stimulate and activate different nerve centers in the body. Thus osovbozhdavat accumulated energies and improving blood circulation.

All , of course, looking for our result promises – to fight stress , so getting out of the sports club , you feel energized , happy and at peace with themselves and with the outside world .


The latter sounds great , but do not necessarily happen. Asanas have no positive effect on overall health , until you learn to do them correctly, with the corresponding cycle of breathing and exhalation.

Moreover, if during training do you think about all the problems that you are gathered lately, you better choose something else to do .

The idea of yoga exercises and the very doctrine may be able to find and hold inner comfort. And most importantly, he continues to exist even after 15 minutes in the posture “Lotus” .

Silence is .. Music in yoga

I do not know how you ‘re used , but there are people who always practice yoga music (in fact, do almost everything with musical ) in which there is nothing wrong , in fact .

Vector illustration of yoga listening his heart

The truth is that properly selected playlist has the potential to contribute to a successful and full implementation of the session , improve concentration practice and to deepen and develop his positive feelings during the occupation .Of course, when it comes to yoga, in any case it is not advisable speakers to ” blow ” if you know what I mean. It is recommended that the music is quiet and relaxing , allowing the mind to accept it and use it the right way , not to distract him .


However, if you have music ” yogini ” However , it is good from time to time to stay quiet . At least advise colleagues specialized magazine “Yoga Journal”. According to the same practice in silence is useful because it helps individuals to hear and observe the “natural ” sounds of their environment , and to hear the story of their inner voice , which can be muted by the pieces of your favorite band.

Otherwise , remove the headphones sometimes – it will not harm you!

Interesting facts about tea

Maybe tea is the oldest beverage in the world. The first evidence of tea dates back to 4.700 years .

Of all the liquids that are consumed in the world, tea is the second after water.

Here are some facts about tea :

  • Today, England is first in drinking tea per capita – more than 4 kg per year .
  • The largest tea country in the world is India – it gives a third of the global production of tea. A cup of tea is the symbol of Indian hospitality.
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  •  Basic rival India’s tea production is Sri Lanka, where tea is drunk with flavor – it often has the scent of chocolate, mango , cherry , raspberry or strawberry. In Central Asia, mainly strong  green tea is consumed without adding sugar.
  •  The Japanese tea ceremony is a tradition . Every tenth young Japanese woman is trained to create herself a complete tea ceremony . The training lasts three years and the girl gets different master degrees .
  •  ” Tea has only two names in the world “
    The English word  “tea”, and its variations tay, tey, the, derive from Chinese dialect (Amoy). Another  variation in Bulgaria , coming back from the Chinese language (Mandarin) – “cha”. Different countries call tea in one of the two ways. Some use both names. If you order in England “hot cup of cha”, with pleasure and no doubt will serve you a hot cup of tea.
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  • Tea contains 50% less caffeine  compared to coffee , which makes it an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to caffeine. One cup of black tea contains half the caffeine of a cup of coffee . Moreover, a large amount of caffeine in  tea is being removed during the first 30 seconds of steaming . Putting your tea in hot water for half a minute , and then changing the water , reduces the caffeine to a minimum.
  • First to offer tea bags is a merchant from New YorkThomas Sullivan. The reason was the high cost of the metal box for tea samples. This occurs in the period 1904-1908  the last century. Although this discovery is considered to be an aid to the tea , many people around the world have criticized him sharply. The opinion of the connoisseurs of tea is definite – the drink of scalding tea leaves is much more pleasant and impressive.


  • ” Green and black tea – two different tea? “
    Whether in fact green and black tea come from the same plant ? In the 17th , 18th century, no one was sure of this because  tea merchants were not allowed in China and information for the production of tea was scarce. Later , in the 19th century Englishmen found growing wild tea bushes in India. In 1905 . tea got its official Latin name – Camellia silensis. It is itself the raw material for the production of green and black tea. The difference is in the period of fermentation .
  • Brits have their habits regarding tea. Pour milk first , then tea. Put a spoon in the cup – length character that have had enough and are not willing to make . Someone who is not familiar with the local label can greatly suffer. Once a prince named December Brolin was forced to drink 12 glasses ai , before he knew about the operation, with spoon .
  •  ” Tea is incredibly useful “
    One cup of white tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as ten glasses of apple juice ! Although more attention is paid to the health effects of green and white tea, black tea along has many nutrients . Tea regulates cholesterol , boosts the immune system and is beneficial to the heart.It also has a positive effect on teeth and gums. It is believed that the consumption of tea is a way of preventing cancer.
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Yoga today

Yoga is a science

Yoga is a science that leads the way in understanding human nature and its aim is to reach pure consciousness , peace and bliss in us. Yoga reveals the hidden laws that govern the mind and gives us the means to deal with emotions such as anger, remorse , guilt, envy, fear.

When these emotions we cover our vital energy depletes our body dropped , our mind is weakened . Through techniques of yoga – physical and breathing exercises , meditation and relaxation , and through the application of knowledge in daily life we recharge the body and mind, gain valuable time for yourself, for your job, for your family and for society. Yoga teaches us how to keep our balance when we are joyful and happy , and how to move successfully in stressful situations , maintaining composure . Or simply put – through yoga we take care of our body and mind, as to touch our spirit (source) that gives us energy and harmonize our life makes us happier, calmer and more successful.

Knowledge of yoga

Knowledge of yoga originated in ancient texts dating from at least 5,000 years. Ancient Indian sages in search of the essence of life achieve a high level of consciousness and reveal secrets for healthy , happy and harmonious existence. The sages called it a secret and sacred knowledge ” yoga ” and handed down from teacher to student by avoiding its promotion . Yoga was available only Indian gods as holy nectar ” ambrosia ” was the privilege of the gods of Olympus. Modern man owes his knowledge of the ancient Indian yoga sage Patanjali lived in the II- nd and I- st century BC . Patanjali collect oral knowledge and practices yoga in his famous book Yoga Sutras ( Yoga Knowledge ) .
yoga today

Today, yoga is considered as the ancient doctrine to achieve full physical, mental and moral health, way of achieving harmony with oneself and with others. Traditional medicine yoga poses first in the fight against aging. Yoga is for everyone regardless of culture, religion , background, nationality or age. Regular yoga practice and application of theoretical knowledge, develop human potential

Yoga for everyone

Sri Sri Yoga is a mild and effective program designed with the inspiration of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , integrating the various paths of yoga, especially Hatha yoga, leading to the union of body, mind and breath . This program of the Art of Living is suitable for beginners and experts of all ages. Beginners yoga are immersed in a new sense , and taught advanced knowledge and enrich the beauty of the experience. Only 10 hours course participants learn how to cope with stress and with your mind and how to recharge your body with energy. Sri Sri Yoga includes yoga positions , breathing techniques , deep relaxation and meditation and easily understandable knowledge.

Yoga for everyone

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