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Benefits of swimming

Swimming is a skill that besides brings pleasure and many polezno.To is a sport for all ages. It can be practiced by both children and adults.

Systematic swimming support the functions of the growing child’s body , has healing and hardening effects , develops and strengthens the muscles of the body.

Diving Day One - 13th FINA World championships

Colder compared to body temperature water irritate the skin. This stimulates respiration and increased metabolism. Swimming contributed to the development of respiratory , chest and his muscles. It is very useful in various types of spinal deformities suffered by a large percentage of children, especially school age . Swimming is a sport that is useful even in the most severe damage to the joints . It is regarded as therapy for children with cerebral palsy and plays a big role in their physical and mental development.

All children , even the little ones love to play in the water. Swimming sports is important not only for physical development . It is a tool for active recreation to eliminate fatigue from physical and mental work to combat neurosis in children .