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Winter sports – fun and useful fitness

Besides romantic and quite cold, winter can be fun.

Never stop maintaining good physical shape just because of the cold and snowy weather.Here you will rediscover the many activities that can be done during winter.

The movement in the snow using snowshoes is not only fast and convenient, but is quite useful for strengthening the leg muscles.

According to experts, the long snowshoeing burns about 774 calories an hour for women and 1046 calories per hour for men.


Skiing improves balance , coordination and works on a large number of muscle groups. Cross country skiing is also quite an intense winter sport. It Helps in training of the majority of the body such as the shoulders , arms, back, chest , abdomen , buttocks and legs.

This sport can burn more calories than any other. Cross country skiing is a good cardio workout.

Ice skating is  great aerobics. It burns about 20 calories per minute. Improves the vestibular system and coordination.


Each game in the snow strengthens the tone of the body , strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of endorphins , which improve our mood .

To reduce depressive episodes typical of the winter season and around New Year euphoria, take the time to enjoy the winter and improve your physical condition.

Thus reducing the sad thoughts , stress and anxiety .