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How to be creative

You and I have been taught to think in words. When we form a thought – whatever it will take the form of a statement, which quickly and stir . The whole world is breathless .

Nothing builds confidence better success . But the most creative minds in the history of thinking in images , not words. Albert Einstein claimed that rarely think in words.

Ideas come into his head in the form of images, which he later attempts to express in words or formulas.


William Harvey watched the heart of live fish, when suddenly I saw it as a pump . Frank Lloyd Wright thought the houses and buildings not as separate entities but as an integral part of the landscape.

Alfred Wegener noticed that the western part of Africa fits in the eastern part of South America, and comprehended that all continents were once part of a single continent. Ray saw me as a female torso cello .

Einstein was wondering how the world would look like through the eyes of a man who rides through space astride a light beam.

In trying to capture the concept of infinity mathematician David Hilbert imagined hotel with an infinite number of rooms at this busy.

Then imagine that comes a new guest who wants to rent a room . Of course, the receptionist responded and moved people from one room to room two , this one room two room three , this three – four , etc. to infinity .

Ultimately room one is released for the new guest.

Lord Kevin finds the idea of ​​a mirror galvanometer when he sees the reflection of the light in his monocle .

Freud realizes the idea of ​​sublimation of instincts , watching two pictures – the first little girl feeds a flock of geese with a stick in hand, the second girl has grown up and is now a governess , and feed the flock little girl with an umbrella in his hand.

Niels Bohr imagined the atom looks like a solar system. Newton suddenly sees that the moon looks like an apple – just reduced apple while eating.

When Bill Bartley , artdirektor advertising agency , I had to create an ad , praising the leadership of the company , he saw the image of Churchill in his famous character V, Robert E. Lee – in battle, and Vince Lombardi – swept through the course of his players.

All these people do not think in words. They think in images , see the relationship , imagine metaphors in their heads spinning ideas.

“Once we get the visual idea, words are a piece of cake job .” Once you imagine the reduction in production as narrow-necked bottle , with a dam in the river or a car parked on the highway , you can start expanding the neck of the bottle to overcome the barrier or to fix the damage to the car.

And the next time you encounter a problem , try to visualize it instead verbalized . Looks like this problem? What’s it like ? What creates a picture in your mind ?