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Drinks and your good shape

To get in shape is not just what you eat but what you drink. This is especially true for people who love sugary drinks that seamlessly add calories to their daily menu.

The problem with sweetened beverages is that they do not satiate , while contain significant calories. Most sugary drinks are delicious and this, together with the lack of satiety , makes us want to drink more and more of them .

The solution:


Many people do not drink enough water, which , if we add the increased consumption of sugary drinks , it is not good for health and good shape. The more often quench their thirst with water instead of soda , the better for you. Remember that muscles are about 80 % water.

water bottle

What else besides water?


This incidentally is one of the most popular beverages in the world .

Tea contains antioxidants, which may help the body to prevent heart disease . It is believed that antioxidants have anti-cancer activity .

Besides tea no calories if you drink unsweetened . If you choose to buy ready-made iced tea, read the label carefully because some ready teas contain too much sugar. To assess the best note that 4 grams of sugar is equivalent to a small packet or a lump of sugar .

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves


Like tea , unsweetened coffee virtually no calories, and contains some very useful substances.

Did you notice the key word in the above sentence ? If not, it is ” unsweetened .”

There’s no harm in occasionally to sip coffee with sugar, cappuccino or any other similar specialty. Just keep in mind that sugar in these drinks is small and that people who drink sweetened coffee drinks , eat more calories per day than those who drink their coffee brand . Also the coffee with milk , sugar, cream and various other facilities often contain some variation of sugar syrup, which slowly but surely undermine your success in the gym .


And do not forget – even with unsweetened coffee should not be overdone .

Not all drinks , however, are helpers in maintaining good form. There are those who must be careful.

Beverages, which should be more careful :


Scientists have long debated the issue with milk – Is it useful in the end or not.

Some say that milk is not a good drink if you plan to lose weight because they do not increase. Others point out that milk contains calcium and protein for which it is worth to include it in your diet.


The truth is probably in the middle , and if you love milk, there is no need to stop , you just have to be careful with the quantities . If you are on a diet , do not drink more than two cups a day. And in any case do not take sweetened milk with different flavors – it is full of unnecessary added sugar. If so please sweetened milk , put his honey. ( But you get real, not copper, whose label appear the words ” glucose-fructose syrup” ).


Alcohol is calorie and can even increase your appetite . Moreover – unlike fats, carbohydrates and proteins , calories in alcohol can not accumulate in the body and must be burned immediately. This means that your body continues to burn fat until you break down the calories from alcohol. It takes one hour for each cup.

This means that it is best to restrict your intake of alcohol to individual cases and to no more than one or two cups .


All this does not deny the possible positive effects of alcohol – some studies moderate wine consumption reduces the risk of heart problems. Again, however, there is a key word – ” moderate” . Which again brings us back to a maximum of one or two cups .


Not all fruit juices as much as they seem. Many contain not only fruit sugar , but also the added sugar and other sweeteners.


So if you love fruit juice , drink only those that are 100% juice, no added sugar. Also, exceptions and more secure healthy – eating berries themselves . In the skin of an apple as there are many antioxidants that can not get apple juice .

Diet drinks

Though they are high calorie , it does not mean they are good for health and figure. First, if you drink large amounts of artificially sweetened beverages, it reduces the quantity of natural drinks you have – for example, tea and water . Second, some scholars suggest that consuming artificially sweetened drinks can lead to increased appetite for sweets .

Foods that make us happy

Food is not just fuel for the body – it feeds our moods . It is therefore not surprising that some products have a strong influence on our sense of happiness than others. Find out which foods you should look for when grief pushes your heel .

Oatmeal . Just 20 minutes , they can make you smile from ear to ear. Why? Because when you eat them as useful carbohydrates , the body sends the amino acid tryptophan to the brain, and he responds with a burst of serotonin – a neurotransmitter that makes us feel relaxed and happy . Oats are the perfect solution when you ‘re surrounded by problems and we need strength to deal with.

Pistachios . A handful of it reduces stress significantly. In pistachio has fiber, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids , and they relieve high blood pressure. Experiment University ” Penn ” showed that four ounces alleviate the effects of stress in students sitting for an examination in mathematics. Study author Dr. Sheila West stated that students have felt the stress of the exam, but their body has reacted with fewer symptoms of panic.

Milk. Not surprisingly, your grandmother gave warm milk to fall asleep . Milk proteins decreased sense of anxiety and irritation. Calcium relaxes muscles and normalized blood pressure. Dr. Susan Klein , author of ” The diet of good mood ,” proposes to create a ritual in which warm a cup of milk , add cocoa powder and a bit of natural sweetener stevia before bed. Sweet dreams are guaranteed.

Avocado . It is not just a luxury for the taste , but also contains many good fats and potassium, which lower blood pressure and maintain the receptors in the brain sensitive to good mood hormone serotonin. Half an avocado a day is enough .

Wine . A glass or two with dinner is a real elixir for the body and soul. A glass of wine is like an antidepressant for the central nervous system. It reassures us and lifts mood . But it is important not to overdo it – too much calm nerves can leave us depressed – not to mention the hangover the next day.

Chocolate. The euphoria you feel when you snacking , is real. Chocolate has a soft , temporary stimulating effect on our body because of caffeine , sugar and the right combination of fat. They raise the level of happiness hormones endorphins , leading to what scientists call “peak brain happiness.” One or two pieces of dark chocolate per day are excellent for your health because they reduce the risk of stroke .

Walnuts. Refer to them when you are sad . The secret is in their high content of omega -3 fatty acids. Studies show that people who do not get enough of them , more often show symptoms of depression and look darker life . Omega-3 makes us happier and more comfortable in their dealings with others – all because , in combination with uridine , which is located in fish like salmon , it enhances communication between neurons in important parts of the brain .

Spinach. Taste will not brightened much , but spinach helps our body to maintain stable levels on serotonin, which ensures continuous good mood. Vitamin B9 , which is found in spinach , is key . Study of the American magazine “Journal of Nutrition ” showed that people who do not get enough of this vitamin are terrible 67% higher risk of depression than others.