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Want to Get Fit? Get a Pet

Do you have a pet or are you thinking of getting one? Getting a pet could be beneficial to your physical and emotional health. Having a pet at home is incentive to move more in general and can help relieve stress. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pet owners tend to be happier, more physically fit, less worrisome and lonely, have greater self-esteem and be more outgoing and conscientiousness than non-pet owners.

Pets Increase Physical Fitness

The possible higher level of physical fitness of pet owners may be due to increased leisure-time physical activity you spend with your pets. Another study published in 2011 in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that people who have dogs are more physically active overall, than those who do not have dogs. Researchers of this study used data from an annual health survey directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Michigan Department of Community Health. Another study conducted in Australia and published in 2008 in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found that when participants who walked less than other participants got a dog they increased their walking by 30 more minutes per week. This finding indicates that getting a dog is encouragement to walk.

Dogs vs. Cats

Walking is a low-impact easily accessible exercise that allows you to stay active while keeping your dog happy. If you own an indoor animal, such as a cat, you may not get the same amount of physical activity as with a dog, but you can receive similar emotional benefits. The emotional health benefit of having a pet can be allotted to companionship as studies conducted in nursing homes found that long-term care residents who received animal-assisted therapy-spending time with a dog just three times a week was shown to reduce feelings of loneliness. The residents also showed less feelings of loneliness in comparison to residents who did not receive the therapy. Spending leisure-time physical activity can be emotionally beneficial, relieve stress and add movement and exercise to your day even if you play inside with your animal.

Dedicated Time

A good way to add physical activity to your day is to designate an amount of time, preferably 30 to 90 minutes per day, to spend with your animal. Designating this time means using it to for physical activity. If you have a dog, bring your dog to different parks and paths. Some areas have dog parks and swimming pools designated just for dogs. If you have a different animal that you cannot walk with, go to your local pet store and find toys that involve both you and your pet to be physically active. Make sure to check with your physician and your pet’s veterinarian about how much and what type of physical activity is safe for you and your pet.

How to move more

Clearly, you’re busy . This is even an understatement. Work, study , friends, girlfriends , children, parents, pets – these are just some of the things that most likely fill your days .

And one thing remains often overlooked in everyday life – physical activity.

And even when you have time free from obligations often decide that there are better things than to shove in the gym or jog . Going to watch the latest movie to watch the world or some other sporting event or to see friends – these things often take priority over training.

Not that I do not know that the movement is good for your health . Precisely because we know most regularly promise how you’re going to run tomorrow and next week how you take a fitness card . Only somehow still appears that you have something else to do exactly the same time .

And is there no way without taking special time to move more? Actually, there is . Here are four things you can do :

1. Park away

Not necessarily looking for a parking space , which is as close to the front of the store or office. If you park a little further , it allows you to further walking, which may not be much, but it’s better than nothing.

2 . Change elevator with stairs

This is also a small change , but it is a start. Rather than ride escalators and elevators , try to walk the stairs.

3 . Use your lunch break

Instead of sitting at the computer , use the break to go outside . It may be little , but a walk of 10 minutes will both burn less calories and will diversify – do not need all day to watch the computer and the wall behind it.

4 . Use ads

I hate it when interrupt your favorite show on advertising? Use the interruption in the best way – lie a series of push-ups or crunches . So annoying minutes will pass quickly and you will have done something good for yourself.

Try to find time

As it is useful to insert these few things in your life that does not mean not making plans for fitness and running. These four ideas for further movement , not primarily . Do not postpone more tiring and more beneficial activities can not only look good but also feel good .

Benefits of running

1. Helping to win the battle against overweight

Many people start running regularly to remove excess weight . Whether you are overweight or just want to burn the last 4-5 pounds of fat , or just want to maintain your current weight , about 60 % of people start to control your weight . Running is one of the most suitable physical activities for fat loss . In fact , except for skiing , running burns the most calories per minute than any other cardio exercises.

2 . Prevents loss of muscle and bone mass

Our muscles are constructed so as to meet the stresses to which we subject them to . As you sit in front of the monitor all day, your bones grow weaker, but by running regularly our skeleton gets what it needs to be healthy . Besides helping us to maintain good health of the inside of the body has been shown that running increases growth hormone , which is a major factor in building muscle mass and body as a whole.

3 . It helps us to fight diseases

Running reduces the risk of stroke, and breast cancer. Regular practice it is considered a treatment option for many doctors who recommend it to their patients who are at high risk of osteoporosis , diabetes and hypertension. Running reduces the risk of heart attack by strengthening the heart and lowering blood pressure. It maintains the elasticity of the arteries in a very good way , as in running , they expand and contract almost three times more than usual.

4 . Maintain and improve overall health

Running is one of the best activities that people can practice to improve your health . This increases the level of the “good ” cholesterol and reducing the risk of blood clot formation , and furthermore encourages the use of 50% of the capacity of the lungs, which normally is not used completely . Running strengthens the immune system by creating a greater concentration of lymphocytes ( white blood cells that attack disease )

5 . Confidence

Running builds confidence and self-esteem as few other individual sports can . It helps the individual to cope with the trials of life much easier and feel more sure of yourself . Running provides a sense of power and freedom , as you begin to feel my legs and body as powerful, capable. Confidence is rising even more in those who lose weight .

6 . Helps to reduce stress

This is another huge benefit of running. It gives you the time you need to think about the problems of life , or to escape from them, and the tension in you gradually decline. Distances are ideal for eliminating headaches caused by everyday problems . What could be better than a few hours running out in which to clear your mind and find solutions? Running speed is great about bringing the aggression and anger. Put all your energy in several sprint and you’ll feel better.