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Interesting facts about tea

Maybe tea is the oldest beverage in the world. The first evidence of tea dates back to 4.700 years .

Of all the liquids that are consumed in the world, tea is the second after water.

Here are some facts about tea :

  • Today, England is first in drinking tea per capita – more than 4 kg per year .
  • The largest tea country in the world is India – it gives a third of the global production of tea. A cup of tea is the symbol of Indian hospitality.
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  •  Basic rival India’s tea production is Sri Lanka, where tea is drunk with flavor – it often has the scent of chocolate, mango , cherry , raspberry or strawberry. In Central Asia, mainly strong  green tea is consumed without adding sugar.
  •  The Japanese tea ceremony is a tradition . Every tenth young Japanese woman is trained to create herself a complete tea ceremony . The training lasts three years and the girl gets different master degrees .
  •  ” Tea has only two names in the world “
    The English word  “tea”, and its variations tay, tey, the, derive from Chinese dialect (Amoy). Another  variation in Bulgaria , coming back from the Chinese language (Mandarin) – “cha”. Different countries call tea in one of the two ways. Some use both names. If you order in England “hot cup of cha”, with pleasure and no doubt will serve you a hot cup of tea.
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  • Tea contains 50% less caffeine  compared to coffee , which makes it an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to caffeine. One cup of black tea contains half the caffeine of a cup of coffee . Moreover, a large amount of caffeine in  tea is being removed during the first 30 seconds of steaming . Putting your tea in hot water for half a minute , and then changing the water , reduces the caffeine to a minimum.
  • First to offer tea bags is a merchant from New YorkThomas Sullivan. The reason was the high cost of the metal box for tea samples. This occurs in the period 1904-1908  the last century. Although this discovery is considered to be an aid to the tea , many people around the world have criticized him sharply. The opinion of the connoisseurs of tea is definite – the drink of scalding tea leaves is much more pleasant and impressive.


  • ” Green and black tea – two different tea? “
    Whether in fact green and black tea come from the same plant ? In the 17th , 18th century, no one was sure of this because  tea merchants were not allowed in China and information for the production of tea was scarce. Later , in the 19th century Englishmen found growing wild tea bushes in India. In 1905 . tea got its official Latin name – Camellia silensis. It is itself the raw material for the production of green and black tea. The difference is in the period of fermentation .
  • Brits have their habits regarding tea. Pour milk first , then tea. Put a spoon in the cup – length character that have had enough and are not willing to make . Someone who is not familiar with the local label can greatly suffer. Once a prince named December Brolin was forced to drink 12 glasses ai , before he knew about the operation, with spoon .
  •  ” Tea is incredibly useful “
    One cup of white tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as ten glasses of apple juice ! Although more attention is paid to the health effects of green and white tea, black tea along has many nutrients . Tea regulates cholesterol , boosts the immune system and is beneficial to the heart.It also has a positive effect on teeth and gums. It is believed that the consumption of tea is a way of preventing cancer.
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